Middle East Hourglass


20 July 1999: IDF thwarts Hizb'Allah roadside bomb attempt.

20/7: Palestinian protestors block Netzarim junction, provoking clashes with IDF.

21/7: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak returns from US trip with stopover in London.

21/7: Bodies of John F. Kennedy Jr., wife and sister-in-law retrieved off Martha's Vineyard.

21/7: Islamic Jihad, Hamas, other radical Palestinian groups pledge to keep fighting Israel.

21/7: Activists revive nationwide campaign to keep the Golan.

22/7: Four killed as driver loses race with train at rail crossing near Haifa.

22/7: Barak ready to restart talks with Syria where they left off in 1996.

23/7: Morocco's King Hassan dies of heart attack at age 70.

23/7: IAF warplanes strike Hizb'Allah targets in Lebanon after Shi'ite militia ignores Syrian appeals to curb operations.

24/7: Haredim, secular Jews clash over Shabbat closure of Jerusalem's Ethiopia street.

24/7: Tel Aviv man murders wife, two children over suspected internet affair.

25/7: Large Israeli delegation joins world leaders for funeral of Morocco's King Hassan in Rabat; Syrian President Hafez el-Assad noticeably absent.

25/7: Syria to demand Israeli dismantling of nuclear arms in exchange for Syria scrapping chemical and biological weapons.

26/7: Speaker of Palestinian Legislature Ahmed Qurie tours Knesset, refutes claims visit recognizes Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem.

26/7: Barak calls Wye Accords map "problematic."

26/7: Hizb'Allah strikes near IDF outpost in south Lebanon; IAF warplanes retaliate north of security zone.

26/7: Katzrin celebrates 22nd anniversary amidst uncertainty over future of the Golan.

27/7: Barak meets Palestinian Authority chairman Yasser Arafat over Wye "refinements"; Arafat to answer in two weeks.

27/7: German-built Dolphin submarine arrives at Haifa naval base.

27/7: IDF Chief of General Staff Shaul Mofaz says Syria is ripe for negotiations.

27/7: Barak plans budget cuts; rift growing between Finance Minister Avraham Shohat, Bank of Israel Governor Jacob Frenkel.

28/7: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak does not reject Barak's Wye revisions.

28/7: Candidates for Likud leadership dispute figures in membership drive.

29/7: Knesset suspended after false report of "death" of Meretz MK Amnon Rubinstein.

29/7: 91 Quara Jews arrive from Ethiopia on last flight until fall.

29/7: PLC Speaker Qurie compares Barak to former PM Binyamin Netanyahu.

30/7: King Mohammed VI of Morocco pledges to continue his father's path of peace.

31/7: Arafat meets Fatah rebels in Cairo to unify Palestinian ranks ahead of final-status talks.

1 August: Bank Governor Frenkel warns of economic downturn.

1/8: Knesset approves Barak's plan for unlimited expansion of cabinet.

1/8: Assad tells troops on Army Day that Syria wants peace with Israel.

1/8: Wye committee in crisis; Barak blames Palestinian "inflexibility."

2/8: Barak pays visit to Russian President Boris Yeltsin; plans to reverse Netanyahu's Moscow tilt.

2/8: Striking Mekorot workers cut water supply in cities.

3/8: Palestinian terrorists wound two Israelis in Hebron shooting.

3/8: US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to delay visit over Barak's slow pace in implementing Wye.

3/8: Hizb'Allah attacks prompt third day of IAF strikes.

3/8: PA riled by Syrian Defense Minister's slander of Arafat.

4/8: Arafat delivers "jihad" speech on his 70th birthday.

4/8: IDF reports three terror cells operating from PA sectors of Hebron.

5/8: Barak completes cabinet postings with five new ministers, eight deputies.

6/8: Barak asks Albright to delay her visit to region due to impasse with Palestinians.

6/8: Press reports reveal US First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton had a Jewish step-grandfather.

7/8: Israeli found murdered in torched car near Jenin.

8/8: PA to reject postponement of third phase of Wye redeployments.

8/8: Wage deal likely after court bars Mekorot strikers from turning off water taps.

8/8: Emir of Qatar visits autonomy areas as PA relations warm with Gulf states.

9/8: Yeltsin fires Prime Minister, cabinet for 4th time in two years.

9/8: Israel reseals hole in Temple Mount's ancient "Double Gate" busted open by Moslem Waqf.

9/8: Attorney-General Elyakim Rubinstein vows to release jail diary of Nazi executioner Adolf Eichmann.

10/8: Palestinian driver wounds 9 in suicide attack at Nahshon junction; Israeli shot near Jenin.

10/8: Racist gunman shoots five at Jewish center in Los Angeles, kills Asian-American.

10/8: Arafat deputy Mahmoud Abbas says PA accepts October date for second pullback.

11/8: LA gunman surrenders; says shooting was "wake-up call to kill Jews."

11/8: Barak concedes to completing third phase of Wye withdrawals by February 2000.

11/8: Total solar eclipse (80% visibility in Israel) stretches from England to Bay of Bengal.

12/8: Two Mossad agents return home from Cyprus after surprise release.

12/8: Additional 127 pages of Eichmann's 1961 "Memoirs" found in German archives.

12/8: A woman and five children are killed as a van and a bus collide near Beit She'an.

12/8: US President Bill Clinton discusses anti-Semitism, hate crimes with American Jewish leaders.

13/8: Shas protests move of turbine over Shabbat, but stays in coalition.

14/8: Barak instructs IDF to ready for Wye implementation beginning 1 September.

15/8: Israel, PA meet at Erez crossing to discuss security cooperation, prisoner releases.

15/8: Explosion rips through Hamas bomb factory in Hebron.

16/8: Hizb'Allah vows revenge for death of commander in mysterious Sidon bombings.

16/8: PA demands release of all "security prisoners" convicted before Oslo.

16/8: Clinton faults US Congress denial of $1.8 billion in Wye funding.

17/8: Massive earthquake rocks Turkey, leaving thousands dead, homeless.

17/8: Two IDF soldiers and three Hizb'Allah gunmen killed in fiercest clashes since June.

17/8: Iran set to try 13 Jews accused of spying for Israel.

18/8: Wye talks stall again over release of prisoners with "blood on their hands."

18/8: Eli Yishai named interim leader of Shas pending Aryeh Deri's appeal.

19/8: Death toll in Turkish earthquake soars to over 7000; 2 Israelis among dead, 14 missing.

19/8: Barak assures visiting US congressmen he favors move of US Embassy to Jerusalem.

20/8: High Court enjoins transport of turbine on Shabbat.

21/8: IDF team rescues Israeli girl trapped 4 days under 10 meters of rubble in Turkey; death toll may reach 40,000.

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