February 10, 1999: Israel defense source says Jordan's new King Abdullah wants close strategic ties; has met secretly with IDF twice before.

10/2: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu chides President Ezer Weizman for campaigning for Centre Party.

11/2: Weizman visits with Shas mentor Ovadia Yosef in effort to cancel planned haredi rally against Israeli courts.

11/2: Arab woman stabbed to death in Jerusalem by Arab assailant who mistook her as Jewish.

11/2: King Abdullah assures visiting Israeli Knesset delegation he will pursue peace policies.

11/2: Former security chief Carmi Gillon predicts Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat will declare statehood on January 1, 2000.

12/2: US President Bill Clinton acquitted in Senate impeachment trial over Lewinsky affair.

13/2: Political and religious leaders engaged in last-ditch attempts to prevent violence at counter rallies.

13/2: South Africa claims breakthrough with Libya over Lockerbie bombing suspects.

14/2: Jerusalem demonstrations peaceful as haredim draw 250,000 for prayer, secular 50,000 for carnival/concert only blocks apart; main PM candidates shun both gatherings.

14/2: Anti-Oslo PLO factions expel DFLP head Nayef Hawatmeh for shaking Ezer Weizman's hand at King Hussein's funeral.

15/2: Iraq threatens US, British bases in Turkey and Gulf for recent allied sorties in "no-fly" zone.

15/2: Early results in active Labor primary polling yields few surprises.

15/2: Israel, Holland try to defuse tensions over possible toxic fallout in 1992 El Al cargo plane crash.

16/2: PKK terrorist leader Abdallah Ocalan abducted in Nairobi and returned to Turkey; Kurds protest in capitals across Europe.

16/2: IDF claims recent successes in uncovering Hizb'Allah roadside bombs.

17/2: Israeli security shoots 3 Kurds in mob storming Berlin consulate as Kurdish protests escalate over Ocalan capture.

18/2: Turkey cautions Israel not to talk to PKK as Israelis debate mending fences with Kurds.

18/2: IDF adds Arnoun to Lebanese security zone, claiming abandoned village used by Hizb'Allah.

18/2: Foreign Report says Arafat has arterial sclerosis.

19/2: Mossad chief Efraim Halevi counters reports of link to Ocalan capture with rare public denial.

19/2: Israeli team led by new national security adviser David Ivry meets US defense officials in Washington to step up cooperation against ballistic missiles and unconventional threats.

19/2: Major tourism conference on Millennium pilgrimage to Israel opens in Jerusalem amid criticism of lax preparedness.

20/2: US Conference of Presidents of Jewish organizations in Israel to survey PM candidates on issues.

20/2: Controversy erupts over lack of military burial honors for former IDF soldier who died from wounds inflicted 6 years earlier.

21/2: US admits tipping Turkey of Ocalan's hiding in Greek Embassy in Nairobi.

21/2: National Religious Party revamps image with moderates, women in key slots.

21/2: Attorney-General Elyakim Rubinstein criticizes but refuses to investigate Shas mentor Ovadia Yosef for verbal attacks on Supreme Court's Aharon Barak.

21/2: Vatican official estimates 6 million Christian pilgrims in Israel for Millennium.

22/2: Palestinians continue demonstrations for PKK terror chief Ocalan, citing parallels with PLO; Israel reopens diplomatic missions as Kurdish rallies subside.

22/2: US State Department's Martin Indyk defends PA on Israeli charges of Oslo/Wye violations.

22/2: Key Laborites planning move to block party head Ehud Barak's "One Israel" joint list.

23/2: Three IDF officers killed by roadside bomb in security zone; Hizb'Allah shows off captured items.

23/2: Knesset approves Meir Sheetrit as finance minister, legalizes Arutz 7 radio.

23/2: Norway's PM Kjell Bondevik ends regional trip warning PA to delay May 4 declaration of state.

24/2: Golani brigade kills 4 Hizb'Allah gunmen in 24-hour chase.

24/2: Security guard accidentally shot at Israeli embassy in Amman.

25/2: US officials upset with Israeli Supreme Court decision not to extradite teen murder suspect Samuel Sheinbein.

25/2: Jerusalem court issues jail term for haredi involved in "pogrom" against Swiss Christian women in Mea Shearim.

25/2: Labor touts election deal with Gesher, Meimad.

26/2: Moderates score gains in Iranian municipal elections.

26/2: Jordanians irked by PM Netanyahu remarks on potential front from "suburbs of Tel Aviv to Baghdad."

27/2: Fourth Kurd dies from wounds suffered at Berlin consulate protest.

28/2: PM Netanyahu meets King Abdullah in Amman as relations stabilize.

28/2: Four killed by roadside bomb in security zone, including senior officer, radio reporter; IAF strikes back deep in Lebanon.

1 March 1999: Purim marked by funerals, protests for withdrawal, nights in shelters in North.

2/3: Defense Minister Moshe Arens reconsiders asymmetry of Grapes of Wrath deal.

2/3: Security guard dies from accidental shooting in Amman.

2/3: Barak pledges to remove IDF from Lebanon by June 2000.

3/3: PM says unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon is possible.

3/3: Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon questioned for 8 hours over bribery allegations.

3/3: New book charges Mossad with blackmailing Clinton with tapes of phone sex with Lewinsky.

4/3: Labour party approves "One Israel" joint list with Meimad, Gesher.

4/3: King Abdullah makes sweeping changes in cabinet.

5/3: Hizb'Allah's Sheikh Nasrallah says "ego" keeps Israel from pulling out of Lebanon.

6/3: Lebanese PM Salim Hoss offers return to 1949 armistice, then backtracks; PM Netanyahu says Israel would be "willing partner."

6/3: Weekend series of terror attacks reported; one shot, several stabbed.

6/3: Libya's Gaddafi meets with Egypt's Mubarak over Lockerbie, Oslo.

7/3: Shas leaders seek delay of verdict in bribery trial of MK Aryeh Deri.

8/3: Arens says Golan too high a price to pay for ending Hizb'Allah attacks.

8/3: International Women's Day highlighted in campaigns, stirs heated Knesset debate.

8/3: High Court freezes new measure legalizing Arutz 7.

9/3: Labour MK Ephraim Sneh leaks Tze'elim report findings that clear Barak.

9/3: Iranian President Mohammed Khatami starts 3-day visit to Italy, the Vatican.

9/3: Israeli Arab Rana Raslan crowned new Miss Israel.

10/3: Two Gaza teens killed by PA police as riots erupt over death sentence of former Hamas activist.

11/3: US Senate resolution opposes un-ilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood.

11/3: 15 protesters, 70 police injured in two days of Gaza riots.

11/3: PM Netanyahu, Barak united in stand against European position on Jerusalem.

12/3: US Defense Secretary William Cohen ends Mid-east tour with visit to Jerusalem.

13/3: US special Mid-east envoy Dennis Ross terms settlements "very destructive."

14/3: Large youth gathering prays at Western wall for Shas leader Aryeh Deri.

14/3: US State Department official Martin Indyk meeting with Syria's Hafez el-Assad aimed at restarting talks with Israel.

14/3: Three Israeli right-wing parties unite under new Herut leader Ze'ev "Benny" Begin.

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