March 15, 1999: Labor party head Ehud Barak cleared by report on Tze'elim accident.

15/3: Chief Rabbinical Council decides to abolish local religious councils if non-Orthodox seated.

15/3: Jordan rejects Israel's cut of water supplies; wants Israel to meet commitments

16/3: President Ezer Weizman hosts controversial meeting of bereaved Israeli and Palestinian families.

16/3: US administration says settlement expansion jeopardizes peace.

17/3: Shas Party leader Aryeh Deri found guilty of fraud and bribery; appeals ruling as supporters remain calm.

17/3: US House of Representatives votes against unilateral declaration of Palestinian state.

18/3: IDF demolishes houses in south Lebanese village of Arnoun used by Hizb'Allah.

18/3: 40-day mourning period for King Hussein ends.

18/3: Bedouin tribe enters Israel from Egypt fleeing blood feud.

19/3: Three Arab children injured by explosive device in military training area.

20/3: Jordan and Egypt urge Yasser Arafat to delay declaration of statehood.

21/3: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu leaves for Russia, Ukraine and Georgia.

22/3: Russian PM Primakov and Netanyahu set up mechanism to combat transfer of weapons to Iran.

22/3: Samuel Sheinbein charged with first-degree murder in Tel Aviv district court.

23/3: US President Bill Clinton promises Arafat to push for acceleration of final status talks.

23/3: IDF returns Bedouin tribe to Egypt.

23/3: Netanyahu praises PA for helping foil Hamas bombing attempt in Tel Aviv.

24/3: NATO launches airstrikes against Yugoslavia.

24/3: Histadrut begins strike by 400,000 workers; garbage, mail, buses among services affected.

25/3: Netanyahu rejects European Union's Berlin declaration to recognize future Palestinian state.

26/3: IDF warns soldiers about Hamas kidnap attempts.

27/3: Histradut and Treasury fail in all-night talks to resolve differences.

28/3: Jaffee Center survey says 55% of Israelis support unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon.

28/3: Lake Kinneret at lowest level in 60 years.

29/3: Histradut, Treasury reach wage agreement ending strike.

29/3: Israel shuts down 3 illegal PA offices in Jerusalem.

29/3: Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon tells EU ambassadors UN Resolution 181 was nullified.

30/3: IDF helicopter fires at Lebanese army unit; 3 soldiers and 1 officer wounded.

30/3: Barak vows Jerusalem will not be divided.

31/3: Passover begins; Netanyahu hosts Kosovar immigrants at seder.

1 April 1999: Druse leader Amal Asad leaves Center party for Likud.

2/4: Plane filled with emergency humanitarian supplies departs Israel for Albania and Macedonia.

3/4: Gush Shalom marches to Orient House in support of PA offices in Jerusalem.

4/4: Moslem youths clash with Christians in Nazareth after Easter services.

4/4: Israeli soldier kills medic and self after argument at a base near Rosh Hanikra.

4/4: Former PM Shimon Peres asked to mediate in Kosovo crisis.

5/4: Libya extradites two suspects involved in Lockerbie bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.

5/4: Jewish Agency humanitarian aid shipment departs Israel for Albania, Macedonia.

6/4: Palestinian Legislative Council calls on Arafat to disband state security courts.

7/4: Jaffee Center reports Israel has developed third-generation Jericho missile.

7/4: IDF field hospital in Macedonia begins operations; IDF doctors deliver healthy baby girl.

7/4: Arafat tells Japan's foreign minister that decision to declare state will be made April 27th.

8/4: 30,000 Israelis gather in Tel Aviv's Kikar Rabin for concert to benefit Kosovar Albanian refugees.

9/4: IDF soldier Noam Barnea killed on patrol in southern Lebanon; Hizb'Allah claims responsibility.

9/4: PA declares final status negotiations to be based on UN Resolution 181.

10/4: Defense Minister Moshe Arens unveils plans to reduce number of IDF troops in Lebanon.

11/4: Martin Indyk, US Assistant Secretary of State, slams Israeli settlement policy again.

11/4: Cabinet decides to slash agriculture water use by 40% due to drought.

12/4: Holocaust Remembrance Day begins with ceremony at Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial.

13/4: Netanyahu and Center party leader Yitzhak Mordechai feud in first televised debate.

13/4: Shas party spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef hospitalized after mild heart attack.

14/4: NATO accidentally bombs refugee convoy in Kosovo.

14/4: Director-General of Religious Affairs Ministry relieved of duties for interfering in Nazareth dispute.

15/4: Deri sentenced to four years in prison and fined $62,000; will appeal decision.

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