Middle East Hourglass


19 January 2000: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak questioned on election funding scandal by State Comptroller Eliezer Goldberg.

19/1: Taiwan eatery decorates walls with Holocaust photos.

20/1: Palestinian Authority chairman Yasser Arafat pushes US President Bill Clinton for statehood recognition.

20/1: Police open criminal inquiry of President Ezer Weizman over cash gifts from millionaire Edouard Seroussi.

20/1: Goldberg reveals he warned parties on campaign funding laws.

21/1: Heavy rains raise Kinneret 17 cm.

22/1: SLA fights off Hizb'Allah attack, killing 2 gunmen.

23/1: Weizman proclaims innocence in TV address over Seroussi Affair.

23/1: Austrian President Viktor Klima hints that Joerg Haider’s right-wing Freedom Party might join coalition.

24/1: Weizman agrees to curtail powers.

24/1: British court hears evidence discrediting Holocaust denier David Irving.

25/1: Hizb’Allah kills IDF soldier in Lebanon.

25/1: Arafat declares 2000 year for PA statehood.

25/1: Archaeologists, students protest Waqf digging on Temple Mount.

26/1: International Holocaust Forum convenes in Stockholm.

26/1: Barak refutes any moral obligation to Palestinian refugees.

27/1: State Comptroller releases report fining One Israel NIS 13.8m; triggers criminal investigation into Barak campaign.

27/1: Stockholm Forum: Shoah "challenges the foundations of civilization."

27/1: Two-week teachers' strike ends.

28/1: Heavy snow blankets Jerusalem and North.

29/1: No Barak-Clinton-Arafat summit at annual World Economic Forum in Davos.

30/1: SLA second-in-command Col. Akel Hashem assassinated by Hizb’Allah.

30/1: Police teams launch probe into campaign funding violations.

31/1: Three IDF soldiers killed by Hizb’Allah; Barak pledges retaliation, vows no talks until Syria reins in militia.

31/1: Syrian paper calls Holocaust a ‘myth.’

31/1: Barak says campaign mistakes were unintentional.

1 February 2000: Barak tours security zone, urges restraint despite fatalities.

1/2: Two Israeli businessmen arrested for selling arms to Iran.

2/2: SLA soldier killed by roadside bomb.

2/2: Iran releases 3 Jews accused of spying, 10 remain jailed.

2/2: Knesset holds firey debate over nuclear policies.

3/2: Arafat-Barak meeting ends in dispute over withdrawal maps.

3/2: Haider’s Freedom Party joins Austria’s coalition government; Israel recalls ambassador from Vienna.

4/2: Hundreds demonstrate against Haider party's inclusion in government.

5/2: Palestinians suspend final-status talks indefinitely.

5/2: Barak willing to discuss border with Syria to break deadlock.

6/2: One IDF soldier killed, seven wounded in security zone.

6/2: Israeli Cabinet condemns Haider’s joining Austrian coalition.

7/2: Israeli air raids hit 3 power stations in Lebanon to retaliate for Hizb’Allah attacks.

7/2: PA releases Hamas leader Abdul Aziz Rantisi.

7/2: Coalition defeats no-confidence vote over pro-Barak NPOs.

8/2: IAF hits Hizb’Allah military targets.

8/2: Hizb’Allah kills another IDF soldier with US-made TOW anti-tank missile; State of emergency declared in North.

9/2: Syrian media denounces Barak as "bloodthirsty monster."

9/2: Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy: If Hizb’Allah attacks North "the soil of Lebanon will burn."

9/2: US Ambassador Martin Indyk blames Hizb’Allah for escalation in Lebanon.

10/2: US pushes to defuse Lebanon conflict, resume Israel-Syria talks; SLA soldier wounded by Hizb’Allah bomb.

10/2: Hamas terrorist killed by own bomb in Nablus.

10/2: Israeli police simultaneously question Weizman and Seroussi about unreported cash gifts.

11/2: Israel exits Grapes of Wrath committee after Hizb'Allah kills 7th IDF soldier.

11/2: Israel beefs up security nationwide after warnings of terrorist attacks.

11/2: British scholar: Holocaust revisionist David Irving no "historian."

12/2: Hizb’Allah vows more attacks on IDF and SLA despite warnings of retaliation.

12/2: Senior ministers hint Lebanon pullout possible by April.

13/2: Deadline missed for Israeli-PA framework agreement, Fatah approves declaring PLO state by September.

13/2: Barak: no immediate withdraw from Lebanon despite mounting public pressure.

14/2: Barak suggests Syrian track top priority.

14/2: State Attorney Edna Arbel predicts no indictment of Weizman.

14/2: Golan Druze pro-Syria protest turns violent.

15/2: Arafat signs pact with Vatican touching on Jerusalem issue.

15/2: Russia pledges to help accused Iranian Jews.

15/2: Arbel says Weizman-Seroussi probe not complete.

16/2: Israeli security cabinet empowers trio to decide targets in Lebanon.

16/2: One Israel activists arrested in NPO election scandal.

16/2: PA seizes 100 kilos of explosives from Hamas hideout.

16/2: German President Johannes Rau addresses Knesset in German.

17/2: Beirut riots prompt US to warn Israel against hitting Lebanese infrastructure.

17/2: Barak rebuffs illegal campaign-funding allegations.

18/2: Election results in Iran give reformists big win.

18/2: Three SLA soldiers wounded in Hizb’Allah attacks.

19/2: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak makes landmark Beirut visit; states support for Hizb'Allah.

19/2: Assad set to reshuffle cabinet.

19/2: Over 150,000 rally against Haider in Vienna.

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