June 13, 1998: PLO chairman Yasser Arafat invites Hamas officials to join new Cabinet.

14/6: PM Binyamin Netanyahu said to be delaying pullback decision until July to give PA time to meet its Oslo obligations.

15/6: PA sources: Arafat is planning to fire PA Minister for Jerusalem Affairs Faisal Husseini.

15/6: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak warns of a regional crisis following Cairo meeting with Labour leader Ehud Barak.

17/6: Netanyahu considering a national referendum vote on redeployment decision.

17/6: Two Israeli youths confess to roadside "prank" which killed Arab man near Hebron.

18/6: Netanyahu approves plan to expand, municipal services under Jerusalem umbrella.

19/6: US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright expresses displeasure to Netanyahu over Jerusalem "expansion plan".

20/6: Albright writes to Arafat, reaffirming US pledge to secure Israeli redeployment.

20/6: Pope John Paul II urges European Christians to reconcile with Jews for past wrongs.

21/6: PA warns of violence after Cabinet approves Jerusalem "expansion" plan.

21/6: Israel police question operators of Arutz 7, the "settler pirate radio station".

22/6: Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin arrives in Egypt as debate continues over allowing him to return to his Gaza home.

23/6: Arab MK Salah Salim blasted for comments urging murder of Arabs who sell land to Jews.

23/6: Jewish settler council opens protest tent across from PM's Office as Netanyahu appears serious about withdrawal referendum.

24/6: Yassin returns quietly to Gaza.

25/6: Remains of Israeli naval commando Itamar Ilya return home for burial, in an exchange with Hizb'Allah which includes 60 Lebanese prisoners and 40 bodies of militiamen.

25/6: Two IDF soldiers killed, four wounded in Hizb'Allah roadside bombing in south Lebanon.

25/6: Yassin says Hamas won't join PA cabinet.

27/6: Netanyahu shelves referendum idea in favour of new international peace summit.

28/6: Netanyahu hopeful pullback deal will be concluded before Knesset recess at end of July.

28/6: PA rejects international conference plan.

28/6: IDF announces arrest of five men in Hamas terror cell planning attack in Afula.

29/6: Israel's President Ezer Weizman lashes out at Netanyahu's handling of peace process; calls for early elections.

30/6: Netanyahu fires back at Weizman, charging him of supporting the Palestinian side.

30/6: United Nations Security Council begins debate on Jerusalem "expansion" plan.

July 1: Weizman, Netanyahu agree to stop airing criticisms of each other in public.

2/7: Israeli and Palestinian security forces in stand-off at entrance to Gush Katif in Gaza, over dispute over Arab access to a coastal road.

2/7: Maj.-Gen. Matan Vilna'i departs IDF early after being passed over for chief of staff.

5/7: After Cairo summit with Arafat and Jordan's King Hussein, Egypt's Hosni Mubarak warns of unstoppable violence.

6/7: Turkish foreign minister Ismail Cem arrives in Israel on official visit.

7/7: The PLO's UN observer status is upgraded.

8/7: Israeli cabinet moves towards acceptance of 13 per cent withdrawal, but won't authorise it unless the PA fulfills its obligations under Oslo.

9/7: New IDF Chief of General Staff Shaul Mofaz takes over from Amnon Lipkin-Shahak.

10/7: Secretary of State Madeleine Albright calls on Israel and the PA to renew direct contact; says American mediation is nearing its end.

12/7: Turkey announces it will increase the number of its military attachés to Israel.

12/7: Libyan television reports Arafat has invited Muammar Gaddafi to Jerusalem to lead Muslim prayers; Gaddafi accepted.

13/7: Labour MK accuses PM Netanyahu of meddling in trial of Israeli man, Nahum Manbar, charged with selling chemical weapon know-how and materiel to Iran – Netanyahu denies charge.

13/7: PLO blames Jewish extremists after small bomb explodes outside Orient House in Jerusalem.

13/7: Former PM Shimon Peres makes clearest admission ever of Israel's nuclear capability.

13/7: Iranian foreign minister calls for united front with Arabs against Israel.

14/7: Lawyer in Manbar case calls for judge to stand down, alleging unprofessional behaviour and sexual liaison with defense attorney. Judge denies allegations and refuses to step down.

15/7: Infrastructure Minister Ariel Sharon warns inner cabinet that the government will fall if cabinet recommends withdrawing from 14 per cent of Judea-Samaria.

16/7: Manbar sentenced to 16 years in jail.

16/7: President Hafez el-Assad arrives in Paris in quest to establish strategic relationship between Syria and France.

17/7: Report: Turkish F16 squadron have been training in Israel to destroy anti-aircraft missiles of type soon to be delivered to Greek Cyprus..

17/7: Assistant Secretary of State Martin Indyk warns of "explosion" as deadline approaches for the Oslo accords to be carried out.

18/7: Assad calls on Europe to force Israel into making concessions to the Arab side.

19/7: Hamas activist badly burned in failed car-bomb attempt in central Jerusalem. Israeli police go on full alert in main centers.

19/7: Top Israeli and PA figures meet in Tel Aviv for first time in months – agree to keep talking on re-deployment.

20/7: Security forces remain on high alert.

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