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February 2002         

The Rolling Horizon Into The Coming War

by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator
February 8, 2002
Some call it the “War Between Civilizations” while others refer to it as Islam’s War with the West”. Call it what you will; put it into any category you wish; it demonstrates a ‘rolling horizon’ into war with its advanced guard the Arab/Muslim people behind their banner of radical Islamic fundamentalism.

Wars are more than disputes. Often they are antagonism and hatred of another culture. We can throw it all into one basket with underlying reasons of religious intolerance, greed for assets in another’s land - whatever...for the victim, people and nation, the reasons are irrelevant. Dead is dead! 100%

The war coming soon will truly display Islam’s latent ambitions to dominate the world and be recognized as important beyond the oil under their feet. Since the Arab world has produced nothing in recent generations to advance civilization, there is little for which they can claim respect and high position in world affairs. Having said that, there is one thing that will bring them into international prominence and that is to engage in a massive war of Islam vs. Israel (first) and the West (second). “First the Saturday people; then the Sunday people.”

Israel, as the Jewish State, is the perfect first short fuse which offers a rationale for War. Recall that Hitler also used this formula successfully. Arab nations consider the Palestinians a troublesome people whom they do not like, nevertheless, they use the Palestinians as their ‘raison d’etre’ for war. Having lost six wars of intended annihilation of the Jewish presence they learned they need to conquer Israel with more and better weapons. What was the great crime the Jewish nation had committed against the Arabs aside from being non-Muslim? The Jews beat the macho Arabs in war.

The Arab/Muslims concluded that they not only needed the best weapons for sale from the West, but also needed weapons of mass destruction, e.g., NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical). Now, using the name of Allah, they have built or are building first strike weapons which they believe will destroy Israel in one blow. They surmise that even if Israel were able to respond with a counterstrike the Arab world is too massive to be destroyed, only damaged. Not being able to imagine or foresee that their civilization could be driven back one thousand years or more makes it likely that they will try one massive attack. Recall that America and Russia reached the conclusion to maintain a policy called M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) for 42 years because they recognized that each would be destroyed in such an interchange but, they are not Arabs driven by macho and radical Islam, toppling the twin pillars on which the Arab/Muslim world stands: Pride and Shame!.

Observe the “Rolling Horizon” of war much as the earth turns and the sun comes slowly into view. The Arabs have spent most of their dollars on building vast weapons’ stockpiles. With the Billions, perhaps Trillions of dollars spent on war after war, these primitive nations could have educated their people and made their lands into places to be admired.

Instead, they chose war, killing more than 25,000 Jews since 1948 and now want the land restored to them that they gambled away even as they yet pledge the total destruction of Israel.

As more of the light comes into view over the “rolling horizon”, the world and Israel are seeing the head of the monster beginning to appear. When this war creature rises over the horizon and comes into full view with all its catastrophic weapons of mass destruction ready to fire, there will be a terrible war. If the word: “Armageddon” comes to mind, you will be correct.

It could be possible to destroy this emerging threat to our planet’s civilization but, I think no one nation will make this move. They will ponder the matter, hold lively discussions, issue threats to the hostile countries to stand down their arms - perhaps do a few bombing runs but, the West will not move to destroy this monstrous threat until they feel the heat of a first thermo-nuclear detonation. By then it will be too late.

Israel fears the anger of various U.N. nations almost more than it fears extermination. Jews only respond to disaster after it happens and, sometimes, not even then. Perhaps it is a genetic flaw, but it seems clearly as if some Israelis lacks the will to survive.

America, the sleeping giant, although slow to wake up to a threat they do not understand, much less believe, nevertheless, was awakened with a roar by 911. Whether they take the necessary action to destroy the current existential threat, is still in question. They know and have known for a long time that Iraq, Iran and Syria have been developing weapons of mass destruction. They knew that it was Russia, China and North Korea who were assisting as suppliers. They did absolutely nothing about it, except for the psycho-babble that spilled out of the State Department who thought that words stopped wars.

The U.S. State Department is so dedicated to diplomatic babble that it has finally severely endangered the entire American continent and their peoples. That story of perfidy is yet to be written.

Remember the movie: “The Bridge on the River Kwai” with Alec Guinness who played the role of a British officer in a Prisoner of War camp? His captors were building a vital bridge rather poorly, so this decent chap offered to help. He did an excellent job of helping the enemy but, when commandoes from his own Army came along to destroy this vital link, he tried to stop them. He had become so consumed with the job of building the bridge that, like the State Department, he could not pull himself away - even though he was aiding the enemy. Israelis have a similar problem with those who call themselves the Left. The enemy is taking a terrible toll - more than 700 Jews murdered since Oslo was signed September 13, 1993, with thousands wounded, some maimed for life. Despite this brutal fact of Jewish blood on the ground, nevertheless, men like Peres, Beilin, Sarid ‘et al’, plunge on, not being able to let go of an ideology turned rotten and gangerous. In doing so, they have become a ‘friend’ of their nations’ enemies and a clear and present danger to Israel’s survival. They can no longer break the addiction that appealing to or appeasing will stop Islam’s march toward war.

I fear that the full awakening for Israel and the United States to their existential dangers will occur when the first missiles start to explode over their heads. No doubt, many missiles will be hit by the Arrow or the Patriot anti-missile missiles. However, some missiles will get through, causing the surviving politicians to run about in confusion, wringing their hands, telling each other that they would have struck pre-emptively IF THEY HAD ONLY KNOWN! Telling them in advance is not the same as “knowing”. Recall that Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan and all the senior staff were warned about the coming 1973 Yom Kippur surprise attack and did not act pre-emptively on request from then President Richard Nixon. They were told but, that is not the same as knowing - at least for the Leftist politicians.

We are now in an era of instant war and instant annihilation. Granted, if you have a large land mass, as in the U.S., China, Russia, Iran, Egypt, etc. you have a chance of re-building your civilization. For Israel, with 70% of her population concentrated on the Mediterranean coast on a sliver of land only 300 miles long and (at its widest with Judea and Samaria) only 50 miles wide, there is no second chance. Trivial leaders who claw their way to office are generally are unable to balance their own checkbooks - let alone make the vital decisions necessary to protect the nation where instant war requires ‘prior’ instant decisions. A succession of governments of both Right and Left cannot even make the necessary decisions to provide desperately needed water through desalination or a deal with Turkey of Water in trade for Tank Upgrades. They spend most of their time negotiating how much money their political segment will get - which reminds me of Josephus’ description of the War between the Jews. As the Romans crept up into Jerusalem, the Jews were too busy arguing and fight each other, they could not be bothered with the Romans advancing to slit their throats.

Today’s “Rolling Horizon” is such that, if we do not destroy our enemies first, they will undoubtedly destroy us. Let us not worry about the Europeans who are no friends of the Jews and whom themselves must be repeatedly rescued by America due to their contemptible cowardice. They’ll cheer the destruction of Israel, never understanding that they will be next.

P.S. Iran, a primary player in the coming war is waving a false flag when it states that Israel dare not bomb it nuclear plant - as if that plant was dangerous. Iran already has obtained nuclear materials to make nuclear bombs some time ago. It doesn’t need to wait for the Russians to complete the nuclear plant it is building for Iran at Bushwher - although this plant will likely produce weapons’ grade plutonium as a by-product. (Israel’s Defense Minister Fuad Ben Eliezer allays the fear of the Israeli people by stating that Iran will not have a nuclear bomb until 2005. What a comfort?!

Iranians have cleverly tossed a bone of false information to Israel and the Americans. They wish to make us think about a nuclear plant and its safeguards. Let us not “think” about weapons’ grade plutonium purchased from Russia and elsewhere (with or without) government knowledge. Let us not “think” about the years and the Billions the Iranians have already spent on nuclear weapons’ development and the missiles now operable to deliver these radio-active warheads.

It is regrettable that Iran didn’t have a nuclear ‘accident’ at one of its numerous nuclear weapons’ development sites. Perhaps then Europe, America and Israel would suddenly conclude that these people are really seriously dangerous. But, as Dr. Suess says: “You can’t teach a Sneetch!”

Source: Freeman Center
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