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Israel Foreign Ministry Website in Hebrew

  MFA Newsflash
 Jan 12: Israel MFA launches website in Arabic - al-Tawasul
- Statement by FM Silvan Shalom
- MFA Spokesman announcement

  Palestinian terrorism and the Israeli response

 2003 Terrorism Review
 The security fence: Israel's line of defense
 Saving Lives: Israel's Security Fence (November 2003)
- Also available in French & Spanish

 Israel, the Conflict and Peace: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (November 2003)
- Now available in French & Spanish

 Palestinian terrorism since Sept 2000
 Which came first - Terrorism or "Occupation"?
 Statistics of recent terrorist attacks (IDF Spokesman)
 Suicide and other bombing attacks in Israel
since the Declaration of Principles (Sept 1993)
 Victims of Palestinian Terror
(since Sept 2000)
 In Memoriam 

  Terrorism from Lebanon: Hizbullah
  Elhanan Tannenbaum  

 Cabinet Decision: Framework Principles for the Agreement to Release Israeli Prisoners and Hostages Held in Lebanon -
Nov 9, 2003

  Israel Update

 Israel Line
 MFA Press Releases
 Communiques & Newsflashes
 Policy Statements
 Developments in the Peace Process
 The Backpage
 Ultimas Publicaciones (Spanish)

  What's New

Israel Beyond the Conflict
 Address by PM Sharon to the Foreign Press Corps in Israel - Jan 11, 2004
 Archaeological Excavations in Israel 2004
 On-line Ambassador's Course
 Information for Israelis traveling abroad (Hebrew)

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Search www.mfa.gov.il

Last update: 13-Jan-2004

Israeli Law
Facts About Israel 
Facts About Israel 
general information on Israel's culture, economy, etc.  
Israel by Timeline 
Israel by Timeline 
content of site by chronological order  
  Foreign Affairs 
Foreign Affairs 
the foreign ministry, press releases, foreign relations
  Israel at 50 and Beyond 
Israel at 50 
Israel's 50 anniversary, 100 years of zionism
The Government 
The Government 
branches of government, ministries  
The Law 
The Law 
basic laws, selected legislation, legal issues  
bios of Israeli leaders and personalities  
  Peace Process 
Peace Process 
guide to the peace process, treaties, agreements
cultural news magazines, literature, photographic exhibits
economic news items and surveys, selected articles
religions in Israel, holy sites, religious freedom
  The Israeli MFA site serves 36158 members with 22155 pages, including 6057 external links,
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