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The United Nations and Israel

United Nations Hatred

by Arlene Peck - July 14, 2002

Tell me something. Isn't Israel the legitimate heir of Abraham and Israelis the chosen ones to be God's children? So? If that's the case, how come they continue and have always been chosen as the bastard child when it comes to the rest of the world? Unfortunately, we, as Jews have always had to stand-alone. That's why I don't worry about the public image or the acceptance from the anti-Semites, beginning with those in the United Nations. Jaded as it sounds, I feel that we can count on no one but ourselves. "They" are going to hate us anyway, so do what's best for us. They don't even like each other. The Vatican won't even speak up for their abused Christians when they know they are denied their basic rights under Islamic rule. They sit and watch the Arabs build mosques over their churches every chance they get. Hey, as I write this, the French and many others in Eastern Europe are gleefully burning down Jewish synagogues. So, why should we expect them to speak up for Israel and the Jewish people? Yeah, right. These are the ones who would line up with the nazi's in the United Nations to cater and pander to the terrorist and murderers who condemn Israel.

I don't know how many of you are aware of the blatant and shameful treatment that the Jewish State has always experienced. Indignities that are still endured, at the hands of this world body that my taxes continue to support? If not, let me fill you in a little. Until today, the United Nations will spend over half a billion dollars to promote the Palestinian cause. Why should we have any part of an organization that produces anti-Israel pamphlets for distribution to schoolchildren around the world? The last I heard, the way the Palestinians teach math is "If Abdul kills two Israelis on Tuesday and if Mohammed kills another three on Wednesday how many does that make?"

Of the 189 member nations of the United Nations, 188 may be elected to serve a term on the powerful Security Council. All of the terrorist countries such as North Korea, Iran, Saddam Hussein's Iraq, and even Syria, which has repeatedly been identified as a sponsor training state for terrorism, may serve on this prestigious body of world leaders. All accept one. That one being the State of Israel. If you don't believe me, check it out.

The reasoning is so outrageous that no matter how many times it's been explained to me, I'm not sure if I even understand it. In order to be eligible to serve on the Security Council a country must be a member of one of the UN's five regional groups. So, technically, in geographical terms, Israel is part of the Asian group; yet, the same way the Arab and Islamic countries have, to this day, denied Israel the right to be a member of the International Red Cross, they have disallowed Israel to become a member of this grouping. As a result, Israel is the only, the only country that did not have the required affiliation. Wow, do you think that's where they got the idea of not putting Israel on any of the maps produced in the Middle East?

Finally in May of 2000, after how many years, and after intense international campaigns led by the American Jewish Committee, Israel was invited by the Western European and "Others" Group to join their caucus on a 'temporary' basis. Go explain that! Anyway, since this despicable invitation is only temporary, it was extended on the condition that Israel NOT seeks membership on the Security Council. Oh yes, and because of the restrictive terms of this invitation, Israel is still not a member of any regional group in Rome, Vienna, or most importantly, Geneva, which is the meeting place of this biased group called the UN Human Rights Commission. That is the place which seems to be the heart of all of those regular 'emergency session' meetings to hold resolutions against Israel. Despite all the thousands of Israelis being killed and wounded on a regular basis by subhuman homicide bombers, have you noticed an upsurge of meetings against the terrorism against the Jewish State? Have you noticed even one? To date, I don't believe that the United Nations has taken any action to protect Israel from homicide bomb attacks planned and launched from the West Bank. Hey, they've even contributed to the situation by allowing terrorists to build their infrastructure in a United Nations camp in Jenin.

Can any of you understand, other than being a target of blatant anti-Semitism that it is, why Israel, the pillar of democracy in a region of tyrants and dictators, is treated as such a pariah? How is such a situation not only accepted by the world, but also seemingly ignored? Why should this decades old situation of isolation and restriction of Israel be tolerated? Why should Israel not be extended the same rights that are given to every member state? Probably the same reason that our government continues to refuse to move the Embassy to Jerusalem; and, for that matter, the reason that the International Red Cross will allow the Arabs and their "Lion and Crescent", in this world body while refusing the same to Israel.

Is it any wonder that Israel refuses to have these same anti-Semites serve as peace keepers in the region? Hey, my memory goes back a long way. I still remember when those same folks gave us the "Zionism is Racism" resolution. So, while their buddies bomb out airports and the Los Angeles Times runs columns about how the "Palestinians in Gaza Have Roadblock Rage" and describe ad nausea the "endless waits at check points" I'll just concern myself with the feelings of the Jews. I know, it's not politically correct, but, then again, I never gave much of a fiddly-squat about that anyway

Arlene Peck is an internationally syndicated columnist and television talk show hostess. She can be reached at bestredhead@earthlink.net. or through her website, ArlenePeck.com.

Source: Arutz Sheva

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