Israel Report

January 2002         

Ship of Hate

By Naomi Ragen - January 8, 2002

Many of you have heard of the capture of Arafat's ship of hate filled with millions and millions of dollars worth of sophisticated Iranian arms that was speeding on its way to an unloading port in Gaza before being intercepted by our fantastic navy commandos. As I sat watching the televised news coverage of Arik Sharon and Shaul Mofaz, our wonderful Army Chief of Staff, in Eilat where the ship docked, my eyes couldn't help focussing on the weapons that had been unloaded from the Karin A: several football feilds of long range missiles, katyushas, bombs, machine guns, artillery...All that ugly gleaming metal meant to destroy Jewish homes in the land of Israel, to put Jewish civilians all over the country into graves.

I thought of the years of negotiations with Arafat, the excuses of the left, the apologizes broadcast on Israeli news programs from "friendly, moderate" PLO spokesmen.

I saw the interview with the captain of the ship, who admitted the weapons were being brought to the PLO. The rumours started about Hizbollah involvement, all fake. Another attempt to whitewash the black treachery of that homocidal, genocidal maniac we Israelis had the catastrophic stupidity to allow into our country.

This, I thought comforting myself, will at least put an end to world debate on Arafat's true intentions.

To my shock, I hear again the voices of the liars spreading their lies; and the media idiots dutifully parroting them. Arafat is now trying to find who is responsible, to punish them...Right. That boat cost 15 million dollars. Who, exactly, has a bank account with that kind of money, Mr. Arafat in the PLO besides you?

But what can you expect a liar caught red-handed to say?

Arafat doesn't interest me. But Americans and Europeans do. Anyone that continues, after this, to insist that there exists something else but a state of war between Israel and the Palestinians under Arafat, is my enemy. His deliberate blindness threatens my life. His willingness to overlook this shipment puts him with the forces of evil that ordered them, and those planning to use them. In this list, I include my fellow Israelis, those leftists still wandering around giving bad advice.

They too are my enemies. And I will fight them in any legitimate way I can. Those bombs may not have landed in my living room, thank G-d. But they exploded in my consciousness.

There is no room for compromise. No room for dialogue.
No room to accommodate the Americans in the State Department.
No room to allow the Europeans to play their little headgames with the facts.
No room for us to humor the media liars who downplay PLO responsibility by broadcasting the ludicrous lies of Arafat's spokesmen: "Ship? What ship? I don't know about any ship?"
No room for these Laurel and Hardy routines.

Not with my life.
The lives of my children, my grandchildren, my countrymen.

Fifty years ago, some of us Jews couldn't conceive of gas chambers, of men that evil, the kind that incinerated little babies and their mothers. Up until the doors of the Auschwitz, we couldn't believe it.

Some fifty years later, the ship of hate and all its contents are spread out in front of our eyes showing us the true Palestinian agenda. Those who can't believe it, are suicidally stupid; I'm not interested in anything they think or what they want.

With this ship, the Palestinians have earned a state: A state of war between themselves and the Israeli people who so dreamed of living beside them in peace.

We Jews should now plan-- and act-- accordingly.

© 2002 Naomi Ragen -
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