Whose Jerusalem ?

Whose Jerusalem ?

Whose Land ?


cross While foreign cameras clicked and recorded their images for imminent transmission to the far corners of the world, a cross was implanted into the earth of Har Homa last week with an appropriately suffering Palestinian tied to its beams.

The image of this modern crucified "martyr" was startling and alarming. and it was certainly no coincidence that the play was enacted while the Archbishop of canterbury, along with 38 other leading bishops and archbishops of the Chuch of England, were visiting Jerusalem.

The attempt to associate in the western mind the image of the crucifixion of Christ with the "crucifixion" of the Palestinians was beneath contempt.

For two millennia, the Passion at Calvary was the filter paper through which jewish blood spilled onto the pages of world history. To invoke that image is nothing less than a brazen, cheap, but insidious propaganda ploy.

Har Homa is not Calvary. It is part of modern Jerusalem.

From The Canadian Jewish News, March 27, 1997

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