Judeo-Christian Studies

The Festivals of Hanukkah and Christmas

Lecturer: Rev. Edward Daniel Brotsky, D.D.
Interviewer: Rev. Malvern Jacobs, D.Min.

Copyright Edward Daniel Brotsky, 1988, 1995. All rights reserved.

This message was given by Rev. Edward D.Brotsky on University of Toronto Radio, CIUT 89.5 FM on December 25, 1988. It was broadcast on the Worldspirit program as part of the series. The Bible and Prophecy: A Messianic View.


1. Hanukkah the "Feast of Lights"
  1. Reason for Christian Interest
  2. Jesus Celebrated Hanukkah
  3. The Temple Ritual
2. Historic background: The Hellenistic (Greek) Period (334-146 B.C.)
  1. Conquests of Alexander the Great
  2. Influence of Hellenism
3. The Maccabean Revolt 168-165 B.C.
  1. Greco-Syrian invasion of Palestine: Antiochus IV Epiphanes (175-163 B.C.)
  2. Attempt at genocide of the Jewish Nation
  3. Desecration of the Jerusalem Temple; all-out effort to obliterate Judaism
  4. First religious war in history' - The Maccabean victory
  5. For more information on the Maccabees, see
4. The Judeo-Christian values which were at stake redeemed
  1. The "Chosen People" - cradle of Christ and Christianity
  2. The Holy Scriptures of Old Testament - basis of New Testament
  3. The Holy City and the Temple - centre of Christ's ministry

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