May/June 2000

Colonel Warns Of The Dangers Of Giving Away 92% Of Yesha

Lt.-Col. (res.) Moshe Hager has written an article, circulated over the internet by the Hevron Jewish Community, describing the Barak-envisioned final-status agreement as a "lethal danger" not only to Judea and Samaria, but to the entire State of Israel. Excerpts from the article:

"The following article is derived from my military experience, from information available to me, and from my national responsibility. Unfortunately, the deterioration is continuing and intensifying. I cannot discern any red lines defined by the government. I am therefore filled with a sense of obligation to warn about the current steps being taken...

The proposed withdrawal will include 92% of the land in Judea and Samaria, and will, for all intents and purposes, return us to the 1967 borders... First and foremost, there is a danger in transferring territory from the most important area, the Jordan Valley, which is our defense line against the eastern front during a general war. The Palestinian army will delay or prevent our access to this key territory. During exercises conducted lately, it took the IDF a full day to reach this key territory, as a result of Palestinian roadblocks; this is prior to a full withdrawal.

In addition, accessibility to [our emergency warehouses in Judea and Samaria and around Jerusalem] will be exceedingly difficult. The Israeli army is based primarily upon reserve soldiers, making the time schedule extremely significant. Every minute is liable to be critical. For example, in order to access emergency war reserve-warehouses between Jericho and Jerusalem, we must pass through the soon-to-be Palestinian towns of Anatot and Hizma. Every minimally-intelligent person realizes what this could mean during a state of emergency.

***As a result, for the first time since the founding of the state, the next all-out war will see the Israeli army confronted from front and back, with Jordanian and Iraqi forces from the east and with Palestinian forces from behind.

In addition, the area from which Israel has agreed to withdraw includes emergency warning stations situated high in the mountains - Mt. Hatzor and Mt. Eival. Contrary to what those who would cast illusions say, topography and height still remain the most significant factors during war time - despite the technological advances. These early-warning stations are of vital importance, providing critical data and warning. In place of this information we will be offered data via an American satellite. However, experience has taught us that the Americans supply us with minimal data, and at times intentionally block us out, as happened during the Gulf War.

Terrorists will easily be able to smuggle weapons into Yesha via Jordan... As a result of the opening of the Gaza port to Palestinian ships, weapons will flow freely, including anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, which will be used against us during the next armed uprising. Judea and Samaria are liable to become a second Lebanon, with all that that implies.

Ceding the Jordan Valley to the Palestinians has additional implications: the very real possibility that the Hashemite Kingdom in Jordan will collapse. The majority of the Jordanian population is Palestinian. This will create an eastern front from Teheran and Baghdad, leading to the outskirts of Kfar Saba and Netanya.

The greatest danger will be to Jerusalem, being adjacent to an enemy Arab population of 250,000 people. This population, based in Abu Dis, will have access to the center of Jerusalem...

The goal of a peace agreement is usually to prevent war. In this case, unfortunately, the opposite is to be expected. These agreements create a situation where it is worthwhile for the enemy to fight us, because he will have the ability to easily be victorious. The Palestinians are speaking of adopting the same tactics used by Hizbullah in Lebanon, and they will be able to reach the fences of our communities. Will the State of Israel be able to deal with the massacre of a community, G-d forbid?

...All additional concessions will create a situation whereby Israel will be defeated without a battle. Security regulations prevent me from revealing further details. But it is clear that Israel will stand before mortal danger.

...In the event of an all-out war, the primary IDF forces will be engaged in stopping the enemy on the borders. Yesha will be abandoned and there will not be anyone to prevent thousands of armed terrorists from attacking communities. In the event of an attack on one of the communities, or on several at one time, the IDF will not be able to come to their aid... During the battles following "Nakba Day" a few weeks ago, the real cause that ended the violence was two helicopters flown above the rioters, and the threat to bomb PA headquarters. However, during a war, these helicopters will be at the front and will not be able to deal with Palestinian uprisings against civilians in Yesha. One-on-one battles are likely to develop, with a clear advantage for the Palestinians, against , isolated and exposed Jewish communities facing surprise attack.

...The idea that peace and economic interests may prevent war may be correct. However these considerations are limited by time. We are obligated to our children and the following generations...

Therefore, I have decided that with such a situation at hand, I cannot hide behind my army rank and sit quietly. I sense that I must warn that the expected dangers as a result of the current process are very real and very terrible. I turn to every Jew to act now, doing everything possible to save our people and our state.

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