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Arabs Attack Hadassah Organization
The PLO, Lebanon, Syria and Libya have intensified attacks on the Hadassah organization of America at the UN this week, calling it "not humanitarian." The accusations by the UN delegations come on the heels of Hadassah's recent application for consultative status on the UN Social and Economic Council.

Among the demands made by the Syrians and Palestinians was for Hadassah to provide the names and treatment times of every Palestinian Arab treated in its hospitals since 1967. U.S. National President of Hadassah Bonnie Lipton responded to the attacks by noting, "Any Israeli who has been in our hospitals knows the absurdity of the accusation that a 'Zionist' organization wouldn't treat any patient who walked in without regard to race, nationality or religion... We're proud of our humanitarian work and will defend our Israeli institutions' record before the world."

The Palestinian representative also declared that "all of Jerusalem is occupied territory," and labeled the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital a "settlement."

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