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April 2003         

What about a goodwill gesture from the Palestinians?

By Naomi Ragen - April 28, 2003
I was watching CNN interview Palestinians about the appointment of Abu Mazen.

I'd like to tell Mr. Bush and Mr. Powell the following sad truth. If you are forcing Israel to accept a cosmetic change in the terrorist regime of Yasser Arafat to placate the so-called Palestinians and their supporters, you are going to be sadly disappointed.

The Palestinians, it seems according to their "man in the street" brought to you by CNN, is not happy with Abu Mazen. The Palestinians, it seems, long for their fearless leader, the one that has stolen their money, killed their children, put them into poverty-stricken hovels that the Israelis have no choice but to blow up every other day because they are making little bombs, and big bombs inside apartment houses.

"I think we should be allowed to decide our leadership, and not the Israelis and the Americans," a shopkeeper huffed to CNN. Now, if I was a reporter, I'd ask what has been so wonderful about past Palestinian choices? I mean, these people chose of their own free will, to support the monster Saddam Hussein. Twice! They chose Arafat, and guess what folks...they still want him! Even the cosmetic change of the Holocaust denier, and the perpetrator of the Kfar Darom crime against humanity (Dahlan's men blew up a school bus) isn't enough to convince them to give up Yasser. No sirree.

And as we all know, the Palestinian people deserve what they want. And get what they deserve.

What I don't understand, is why, and how, my government is back to square one considering "gestures" of goodwill to bolster Abu Mazen and make him more acceptable to the Palestinians!

I would think if there is a crisis of confidence here about further "agreements" that call for Israel to give up its security patrols amidst dozens of terrorist alerts every, single day, that the goodwill gestures to inspire renewed confidence should be coming from the Palestinians. I'm not a politician, just an ordinary Israeli who has witnessed the bloody aftermath of gesture after goodwill gesture on the part of Israel to the terrorist-state in the making that will, God forbid, be called Palestine.

I would like one good reason, Mr. Bush, Mr. Powell, to believe that this time the Palestinians can be trusted. I would like a goodwill gesture on their part. I have a few in mind:

1. Cessation of terror videos encouraging murder.
2. Rounding up of illegal weapons in one Palestinian city
3. The replacement of anti-Semitic school books in one Palestinian school
What about a goodwill gesture from the Palestinians to us for a change? If the people involved in forcing this plan down our throats really wanted to achieve peace, they would insist on all these things before talks began. The complete absence of discussion on these subjects is revealing.

The Road Map is the way Europe gets its own back against America. We should not be helping the spread this myth. We should be fighting, kicking and screaming, every step of the way.

Naomi Ragen an Israeli author, just published a new novel entitled Chains Around the Grass. Information on her books and mailing list can be found on her website at

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