November/December '99

GOLAN HEIGHTS - Women In Green

"Now is the Time to Act"
- by Ruth and Nadia Matar

Dear Friend,

Women In Green are taking to the streets once again. The time for action in these critical times is now. Our very existence, our very lives, and those of our children are being put in grave danger by PM Barak. What can we do about it? Plenty! The time has arrived for the People to speak out and be heard, as it should be in any meaningful democracy. The People must know the facts before they can vote intelligently on any future referendum.

All of us are quite upset by PM Barak's unsatisfactory explanation for his abandonment of his prior strong stand, while he was Chief of Staff, that it was Israel's vital security need to retain the Golan. Just a few years ago, on August 18, 1994. he said: "Even in time of peace, we must hold the Golan Heights." His continued acts of appeasement towards Arafat, are now being extended to Assad of Syria. He is not justified to naively rush to attempt to make peace with Israel's mortal enemies. Certainly not through the heretofore proven unworkable method of capitulation.

What makes the situation even more grave, is that Barak has hired slick American public relations outfits to do a job on the Jews and sell them the "abandonment of the Golan" package for a peace that isn't and can not be. Unfortunately, we can count on the Israel media to be part of the Barak strategy to dupe the Jews into voting for, like sheep, automatic approval of his disastrous agreement with Syria.

Our plan is to have Women In Green become active throughout Israel -- in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Rehovot, Beer Sheva, Petach Tikva and Jerusalem, just to mention a few. We will be at important intersections and places where Jews congregate with our posters, handing out literature, car stickers, and cassettes to get the facts to the public. The cassette will explain the grave situation in which we find ourselves, in Hebrew, Russian or English, and will include a a lovely song in Hebrew entitled "The Golan Is Ours."

Our groups will demonstrate at least three times a week. We are also planning to join with many other organizations in a large demonstration to protest the most recent Arab desecration of the Temple Mount where they continue to remove earth containing relics of the 1st and 2nd Temples. This demonstration will take place on Monday, December 27 at 5 P.M, and we will have a bus to take us to the site of the demo.

Women In Green Website

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