by Jim Gerrish
The land should be given back. It is just that simple. Much of it was taken in war from its rightful owners. Some of it was taken fraudulently and with malice. So it should be given back - every square inch of it, and without delay!

Such a move would end the eternal wrangling over the problem of Israel in the Middle East. It would once and for all solve the dilemma of the West Bank. It would bring the present peace conferences to an appropriate, just, and honorable end.

How can such a radical move be implemented? It can be accomplished simply by a three-point peace plan:


Your family came up from the Hejaz, or what is now Saudi Arabia. They were driven north as a result of the religious and political struggles of that country after the turn of the century. At that time the stronger Saudi tribes forced your family out. The British, it seems, had made too many promises to too many people. They owed a debt to your grandfather, Abdullah, and to pacify him they gave him the vast track of land lying east of the Jordan River. The only problem with the arrangement was that the land had already been given. It had been set aside by the Balfour Declaration of 1917, and approved by the San Remo Conference of the League of Nations as a home for the Jewish people.

So you see, Mr. Hussein, your family took almost three quarters of the land which had been legally given by the nations of the world to found a homeland for the Jews. You took half of Manasseh's land, and all the historic homelands of the tribes of Gad and Reuben. You also took beautiful Filead, and perhaps you would even try to steal its proverbial balm (Jeremiah 8:22; 46:11).

This land you call Jordan never belonged to your family in all the history of the world, so now you must give it back to its rightful owners, the Jews.

Some may question whether or not the prophets include the Trans-Jordan in the end-time scenario (Ezekiel 47:18). Yet, it cannot be debated that the Jews have much more historic claim to the land than you do.

Also, Mr. Hussein, you must forever renounce your claim to the West Bank, or Judea and Samaria as it is known in the Bible. Remember, you invaded this helpless land during the war of 1948, and you later annexed it. All the nations of the earth said you were wrong in doing so, except Britain and Pakistan. Even your Arab brothers rebuked you. You had no claim to the land then, and you have none today. Even though it is no longer under your direct control, you have no right to be involved in any negotiations for the land whatsoever. So give it up!


Yes, Mr. President of Lebanon. Did you know that you are trying to build your ravaged country on land which is not yours? Perhaps this is a big part of your problem, and it no doubt accounts for some of the agony your people have suffered. Much of your land was promised to Israel centuries ago as their exclusive and eternal possession (Genesis 15:17-21).

It seems that Moses, that great leader of Israel, was more interested in seeing "that fine hill country of Lebanon" than any other place in Israel (Deuteronomy 3:25).

Perhaps all this accounts for why you have resisted Israel so vigorously and fought against her in three wars. You then invited the PLO to freely enter your country so that they could build a terrorist infrastructure aimed at destroying Israel. Now you have allowed the Hizbollah from Iran to do a similar thing. And you wonder why you are cursed. Shame on you!

Now, the people of Israel have come home from the nations as the prophets said they would (Isaiah 43:5-6; Jeremiah 31:8). But, Mr. Hrawi, the prophet Ezekiel also said that in the end days the tribes of Israel would live in part of your land (Ezekiel 47:15). When our great leader, Joshua, was old, even he told the people to be sure to allocate the land of Lebanon to Israel (Joshua 13:6-7). That includes Tyre, Sidon, and your mountainous regions. Today the Israelis have to hold a portion of this land as their security zone. They must do this in order to ward off the vicious attacks from your deranged gunmen. You can now stop trying to push them out, and give them their land - all of it!


It is easy to see why you are so nervous, Mr. Assad. Your country, Syria, sits right in the middle of stolen property. You see, God promised that the land of Israel would run "from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates" (Genesis 15:18). It is the oldest recorded and universally published title deed in the world, made by the Creator himself. Your country, Syria, is centered on that very tract of land. Much of what you call your land was given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (the Jewish people) as an eternal inheritance (Genesis 17:8). It was specifically not given to Ishmael your Arab ancestor (Genesis 17:20-21). It is crystal clear why you have been a ring leader in four foolish and futile wars against Israel. It is also clear why you have impoverished your country in order to keep it senselessly armed to the teeth. You have been trying to get rid of the rightful claimant to your territory - the nation of Israel.

But you are not the only one to blame. The rulers of your country have now been fighting against Israel for almost 3000 years. They were your kings, Ben-Hadad and Hazael, who persecuted Israel far back as the days of Elijah the prophet. Then as your country became joined to the great Assyrian Empire you helped carry away captive ten of the twelve tribes of Israel. After the Jews returned from their first dispersion it was your king Antiochus 1 __ (Epiphanes) who polluted the Temple and almost succeeded in annihilating the Jewish faith. Your country might be called the most persistent antagonist of Israel in the history of the world.

But you and your people have aroused the anger of the Almighty God. Perhaps that is why the prophets make no mention of your restoration or blessing in the last days. In fact, the Prophet Isaiah clearly states that your capital, Damascus, will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins (17:1). Perhaps you have already gone too far. Repent while there is a chance, and quickly give back the land to its rightful owners.

And while things are being re-allocated, Mr. Mubarak of Egypt, you had best remain silent. Israel relinquished a portion of its God-given inheritance to appease your country. Israel has yet to claim the land fully to the "River of Egypt" or the Wadi El-Arish, which bisects the Sinai Peninsula from North to South. This border was eternally established by God. Also remember, it was your people who invaded Israel and virtually created the problem of the Gaza Strip.

And you, Mr. Saddam Husseim of Iraq, quite possibly even you could be sitting on a portion of land which was long ago given to the Israelis. You see, the biblical northern boundary of Israel, the Euphrates River, flows through your country. Could that be why you hate Israel so, and why you sent missiles against her cities? You, too, had best keep quiet.

This is a simple, biblical plan to settle the problem of the land. Some may think this peace plan looks a little crazy. Yet, we know from the Bible that in the end-days the lands of the Middle East will be apportioned according to a plan similar to this. All other plans, including the current Bush-Baker plan, will then be the ones which look a little crazy.

This article was written by Mr. Jim Gerrish who is an editor and member of the Institute for Holy Land Studies on Mount Zion in Israel. He also founded the "Bridges for Peace program" with Dr. G. Douglas Young. Dr. Young was personally awarded high honours by the revered Menachem Begin. This article is circulated in thousands of newspapers to their Christian friends, other news media, Senators and Congressmen. - Allan Dolman, Herut-Likud, Affiliated with Herut and Likud in Israel, Toronto, Ontario.

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