November/December '99

The Land of Israel is the homeland of the Jewish People by virtue of our Forefather's legacy.

Recognition of a Palestinian State contradicts the very purpose of a Jewish State creating a mechanism for evicting Jews from their land and planting an alien regime within her boundaries.

An endorsement by an Israeli government of the premise that Eretz Yisrael is the sovereign homeland of an alien people will not obligate the Jewish people, nor will it recognize the legality of such a decision.

We call upon every coalition party with a sense of duty towards the Jewish People not to share responsibility for such a decision.

We call upon the citizens of Israel to refuse to participate in this betrayal of trust in any way. Do not become accessories to this crossing of the red line, which even a majority cannot cross without violating the rules that hold us together as one nation in one state.

We view the very notion of uprooting Jewish men, women and children from their homes as an act of brutality, violence and barbarism that is palpably illegal as a violation of fundamental rights of human dignity and liberty.

The world has never witnessed an act of ethnic cleansing perpetrated by a nation upon itself. No nation would tolerate such an action and no democracy would acquiesce to it.

We express our readiness to make our stand in a totally not-violent struggle, against anybody who dares to transfer Jews from their homes anywhere in the Land of Israel, on order to hand it over to foreigners.

We call upon the political parties of Israel to deny a majority to any government which conspires to such action, and thus to prevent a tragic and irreparable rift in the Jewish people.

We call upon every person and citizen of Israel to avoid taking part in any capacity whatsoever in the criminal acts which the uprooting of Jews represents.

Each one of us in each and every generation bears his share of responsibility for the Jewish fate. Everyone is but a link upon which the fate of the entire chain is dependent. Therefore, we are obligated to participate in this struggle.

We will not allow a Jewish Prime Minister to bring upon the Jewish people in the Land of Israel what foreign conquerors perpetrated upon us during our history.

We will not allow the government of Israel to cause a third destruction and a third exile from our land, during our lifetimes.

With the aid of G-d of Israel, we shall be delivered.

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