The Gall !


(December 22) "Total failure!"

This was the verdict the politically correct pundits handed down on the trilateral summit of President Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Chairman Yasser Arafat December 12-15.


Because, they said, Netanyahu did not promptly announce a date for carrying out Israel's next retreat.

The gall of Netanyahu, insisting that he will not set free patriotic Arab freedom fighters who eliminated Jewish Zionist infidels in the name of Allah and Palestine!

The hutzpa of Netanyahu, declaring that the parasitic so-called Jewish state will carry out the next phase of its undertakings under the Oslo, Hebron and Wye agreements only as soon as the PLO leaders start honoring their side of the undertakings!

The temerity of Netanyahu, trying to tell the noble Palestinians, descendants of that great Palestinian Jesus, scions of that Palestinian prince, Sheikh Ibrahim, whom the Jews arrogated to themselves and renamed "Avraham Avinu/Patriarch Abraham" - imagine their nerve trying to dictate what the true seed of Ibrahim may teach their children, write in their textbooks and newspapers, broadcast over their radio, and screen in their television about the perfidy of the Jew-leeches.

Who does he think he is, this gangster chief of the Zionist entity - this cancer in the Arab body - how dare Netanyahu demand "reciprocity" as though those mongrel descendants of the Khazars whose chief he is, those Christ-killers, those rejecters of the True Prophet Mohammed, those drinkers of the blood of Arab children - are human beings deserving respect as equals?

How dare he and that mass-murderer Ariel Sharon try to tell the noble Palestinian warriors how many and what kind of weapons they may bear and store in readiness for the establishment of their state and the continuation of their sacred struggle to regain the holy soil the Jew-imperialists stole from them?

(The above rhetoric and epithets are exact quotations or my true-to-the-original paraphrases of language appearing in Palestinian Authority and other Arab offical and semi-official news media, literature, and school texts; transmitted by their electronic media; or spoken by some of their officials and supporters.)

BILL CLINTON'S transforming a great Irish poet into an American was not the only error in his speech in Gaza on December 14.

To drive home a point he said: "An American poet has written: 'Too long a sacrifice / Can make a stone of the heart.'"

These are actually the two opening lines of the fourth stanza of the poem "Easter 1916" by William Butler Yeats, who was born in a suburb of Dublin and lived his entire life (1865-1939) in Ireland and England.

As for Clinton's errors:

He spoke of the Palestinians' having "a history of dispossession and dispersal" behind them. He made no reference to their need for remorse and repentance for having inflicted that history upon themselves by rejecting over the past three quarters of a century Jewish overtures for peaceful coexistence, rejecting several peaceful opportunities to establish their state in part of Eretz Yisrael.

Clinton equated Jewish children permanently orphaned of one or both of their parents by Arab murderers with the children of those murderers.

And those fathers of the former - and mothers, too - were not "killed in conflict with Palestinians," as Clinton put it. They were murdered in cold blood, from ambushes, or from the rear, or by time-bombs or suicide bombers.

Clinton again resorted to moral equivalence, compounded with distortion of history, when he told his Arab audience: "Is it surprising that [the history of Arab-Israel violence] has led to the hardening of hearts on both sides, that they refuse to acknowledge your existence as a people and that that led led to a terrible reaction by you?"

The Jews, however reluctantly, accepted the need to share this land with the local Arabs from the outset. The Arabs have responded with a chain of massacres beginning with Pessah/Nebi Mussa in 1920, through several attempts to "throw Israel into the sea," right up to the present day throwing of rocks and petrol bombs and the refusal of the "Palestinian" leaders to promptly and categorically condemn violence and stamp out the murder and mayhem being carried out in their name and in the name of Allah.

So, contrary to Bill Clinton, the Arabs' "terrible reaction" was not in response to our alleged or real mistreatment of them, but is an ongoing initiative aimed at depriving us of our homeland.

Clinton himself seems to have been aware of this when he said:

"Every influential Palestinian, from teacher to journalist, from politician to community leader must [undertake the] mission to banish from the minds of children the glorification of suicide bombers, to end the practice of speaking peace in one place and preaching hatred in another; to teach school children the value of peace and the waste of war."

©The Jerusalem Post

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