Israel Report

February 2003         

With Friends Like These...

by Emanuel A. Winston - February 18, 2003 -
We all know that old saying: "With friends like these, who needs enemies?" The American President George Bush, Jr. and all Americans have been hit full in the face with the perfidy of "good-times" allies. Secretary of State Colin Powell and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld reminded the United Nations, especially France, Germany, Belgium and Russia, that it was America who saved them all at a huge cost in American men and resources. All seem to have forgotten the Marshall Plan that rebuilt their destroyed cities and the economies in all of Europe.

Israel could have told President Bush about the folly of relying upon the nations of Europe and/or the United Nations. Even if this information would have been passed to the President, it would not have been believed. Who would have thought that the UN, the EU and the European members of NATO would have turned against America? Could the President even imagine that NATO, established by America to face the Soviets at costs in the billions, even trillions of dollars, would have denied an American call for assistance for a fellow member of NATO?

I know its naive to expect gratitude from Europeans, especially France, but clearly now and in the near future, Iraq will be a deadly threat to all of Europe if not the whole world, if America does not continue to lead this war against global terrorism.

Listening to Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder of Germany demanding restraint and more time to delay an offensive against Iraq, one must be struck by his ‘double-speak’. He knows that France, England and most of Europe similarly exercised restraint while Hitler grew his war machine. Schroeder demands more time for Saddam, and the same nations of Europe (excluding England) who mistakenly gave Hitler more time to build his war machine, now repeat their mistake. As of now, France, Germany, Belgium and Russia, among others, have a deep financial interest in Iraq’s oil through contracts signed and other waiting signature. Will they later howl and plead for American rescue when Saddam achieves full growth as a hostile nuclear power?

As a relevant aside, Israel must start worrying about the "Quartet", made up of the same perfidious nations now battering America. The UN, the EU, the Russians and the US State Department, who we hope will pull away from this gaggle of untrustworthy nations. As America could not rely upon, nor even trust, these nations, neither should Israel. They are contemptuously and dangerously self-serving - with a strong tendency toward betrayal of other nations.

These nations are indeed America’s enemies and not to be trusted as friends. The facade of being reliable allies has been stripped away. Their prime objective is financial and they refuse to act honorably to confront radical Arab nations lest they lose their lucrative business.

For Israel, it is even worse; to make the "Quartet" judge, jury and executioner for Israel would be a vital life-and-death mistake.

Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst and commentator with the Gamla and Freeman organizations.

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