Anti-Semitism & Holocaust

"The Final Solution To The Jewish Question"

by Emanuel A. Winston - September 22, 2002

Have you ever noticed that the nations, various religions ‘et al’ always seem compelled to meet and focus on what Adolph Hitler called his "Final Solution to the Jewish Question"? As a practical matter Jews as a minority should not even be a matter of discussion, but they are! Invariably, they are good citizens, industrious, and, therefore, not a burden but beneficial to any society in which they live. Mostly they strengthen the well-being of any country as they are disproportionate contributors to advancements in medicine, sciences, the arts, etc.

Granted, there may be some minor resentment, even envy, for their valuable contributions to society which makes it puzzling as to the high level meetings of supposedly civilized, educated and cultured people to decide the fate of the Jewish people, usually in the negative. Perhaps it all began with the Church of Rome and its struggle to separate itself from its own Jewish roots. That, too, has always been one of the great puzzles of the world’s history. Why select a Jew to be your deity or passage to G-d and then proceed not only to make separation a tenet of a new religion but, actually make it Church policy to hunt down the blood relatives of the Jew they worshiped and whose approval they sought?

I have often wondered if being a Christian who accepts a Jew as their deity is not the first, unplanned step of becoming a Jew with all that the Jews agreed to in their Covenant with HaShem. It is an interesting question which may be answered in this life or the next.

If the Jews are such an infinitesimal minority among the nations, why do these nations keep having hostile meetings about us? I am reminded of Arnold Toynbee’s speculation as to why the Jews are still here at all when other ‘greater’ civilizations have trekked into extinction like the dinosaurs.

I suppose one could go back in History and recount the meetings in ancient Rome where the Roman Senate met to debate such matters as the rebellious Jewish people who refused to acknowledge their gods. We could cover the past history of when nation upon nation met to decide the fate of the Jews by invading Jerusalem in order to capture or rather subjugate the G-d of the Hebrew people and add Him to their panoply of gods. But, we have neither enough space nor enough of your patience to recount all those decision-making bodies who met to decide their contemporary solutions to the ‘Jewish Question’.

Today we have such bodies as the United Nations meeting, voting, invariably condemning the only State of the Jews - Israel. Then there are individual associations like the Arab League who similarly meet to discuss their solutions and methods of choice to eliminate the Jewish State. There are individual Arab nations such as Iran, Syria, Iraq and even Egypt who, under the guidance of Islamic clerics and dictators often meet to decide which weapons are the best to totally eliminate the Jews of Israel. Here again, the Arabs, who track their lineage back through Ishmael and his father Avraham, are consumed with the ‘Jewish Question’ and how they can claim the Covenant G-d made with the Jews.

Recently, there were a series of meetings of what has come to been known as the "Quartet" consisting of various nations who again are empowered (or take upon themselves the power) to decide the fate of the Jews. The Quartet consists of America, led by Secretary of State Colin Powell, the E.U. (European Union), the U.N. and Russia. They met on September 17th at the U.N. and decided to create another Arab State called "Palestine" by 2005. Even as they met, they knew beyond question that a so-called Palestinian State would become another hostile terrorist base and soon link up with other Arab/Islamic nations of like thought in a continuing effort to eliminate the Jewish State.

On September 18th the American Secretary of State Colin L. Powell has pledged a "Palestinian Arab State by the year 2003! - to be followed by permanent status solution in 2005" despite Palestinian Arabs’ failure to fulfill President George W. Bush’s conditions. Powell seems to be the guiding coordinator of another "Solution to the Jewish Question".

This brings to mind the questions: What offends the world about Israel? What about Israel, offends Colin L. Powell, Kofi Annan, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Idi Amin, Andrew Young, Juan Williams, and other prominent black men? Strangely. Over the years Jews were well out in front of the rest of the world demonstrating for racial equality in Selma, Alabama and other segregated places in America. Is this where the homily: "No good deed goes unpunished." Clearly people like Martin Luther King, Condolezza Rice, Alan Keyes and many others are the honorable exceptions.

Similar meetings occurred during WWII among the Allied governments. None of the participating nations themselves have ever allowed a hostile minority to claim or occupy a part of their homeland.

Of note were the Evian Conference and the Bermuda Conference led by the major nations of America, Britain, France, the Soviet Union, etc. Their discussions covered the war with the Axis, Eg., Germany, Japan, Italy. When the subject turned to the matter of the Genocide of the Jews of Europe, the cold calculating decision was made NOT to rescue, house, feed or clothe the Jewish refugees. In addition, all borders were closed to those Jews who managed to escape Europe. Regrettably, the Allies although fighting Hitler’s Axis ended up joining him in his Jewish Solution by knowingly refusing to attempt rescue - even to the point of refusing to bomb the crematoria as the furnaces burned Jews day and night.

The statement to the public was that a rescue of sorts would take place after the Germans were defeated. The British and American Intelligence Agencies knew how many Jews were being "exterminated" each day in the ‘concentration/death’ camps. Even that belated rescue never materialized because the British, in deference to the Arabs, placed any Jews escaping to Palestine in concentration camps in Cyprus.

Don’t you find it strange that the Jewish remnant left to the tender mercies of the civilized world could command such attention. There are now an estimated 16 million Jews left on this planet. Demographers estimate that, with normal birth, death, loss in wars, the Jewish people should number between 180-250 million. However, as a result of the numerous ‘meetings’ to decide the fate of the Jews throughout the centuries, and the resulting action of their decisions there are only 16 million Jews left in the world.

At the moment if the Arab nations and the Europeans have their way the 5 million Jews in Israel would become zero. As for the rest, presumably they would be pushed into assimilation - possibly out of fear. Of course, the major religions have been working diligently to either absorb or eliminate the Jews from time immemorial but, have not yet succeeded.

Let us assume for a moment that the various nations, religions, commercial oil interests, ‘et al’ are successful. What will they have in a world without Jews? What will they do with the laboratories and research facilities where Jews search for cures to disease? Will they again pounce upon the assets of Jews as did the Germans, French, other Europeans, Arab countries....? And, when those are gone, will they fill museums with artifacts of the ‘extinct’ Jews, evolving new history, exonerating those who drove them to extinction? Will they now have HaShem (G-d) to themselves, having only to fight each other to become the ‘rightful heir’ to G-d’s Covenant with the Jews? Will, in the end, they discover that their greedy fist closed over nothing that they can hold?

Hitler wanted to create a vast museum of Jewish artifacts, attesting to his great deed of extinguishing the Jewish people. In Poland, some Polish people are trying to resurrect the image of Jewish culture in music, cafés, Yiddish and Klezmer music without Jews. They assisted Hitler in the liquidation of 3 million Polish Jews and, now, they want some of it back.

No doubt, they will keep meeting to decide our fate and the best solution suitable to them - not the Jews but them! I always wonder if G-d’s promise to Abraham, that "I will curse those who curse thee; and I will bless those who bless thee!" will happen successfully in our time so that we can watch the retribution. I hope so.

©2002 - Emanuel A. Winston
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