Whose Jerusalem ?

Whose Jerusalem ?

Whose Land ?

"And The Land Was Filled With The Knowledge Of G-d"

Moshe Feiglin - 07 July 2001

Something very strange is happening. Ariel Sharon has adopted a policy of “restraint” that is meant to show the world that Israel is the victim, the suffering party, the one in the right. The price of this restraint is horrible, and is being paid mainly by the settlers, who are murdered on the roads almost daily.

And now Sharon, who was supposed to receive the world´s praise and sympathy, is losing his legitimacy in the international arena. During the Lebanon war, when Sharon was slandered throughout the world and demonstrators from the Left in Israel stood outside his window shouting "Sharon is a murderer", there was no international demand to try the then defense minister in an international court. On the contrary, Sharon successfully brought a slander charge against Time magazine.

How is it that now just when the Sharon we knew has been replaced by a "restrained" Sharon, a toned-down Sharon for the Gentiles, he is being so vilified by the world? He is held up to public trial by the BBC, summoned together with Saddam Hussein in Brussels, and likely to be tried by the international court in The Hague. Sharon is in fact increasingly rejected by the world, just when he is willing to sacrifice so much Jewish blood for acceptance into the family of nations!

Why is this happening? Sharon has attempted to conform to Western culture, which is based on Christianity. In the Christian world, the weaker party is always right. According to their belief, Jesus suffers on the cross and represents world justice. Incidentally, in contrast, the Moslem prophet Mohammed doesn´t suffer at all. He is a cruel, deceitful conqueror. The Moslems believe the stronger party is right.

Christianity doesn´t consider the possibility that the stronger party won´t exploit his strength for evil. It is therefore logical that evil and strength go hand in hand, while weakness represents justice. This was the origin of the Christian concept of offering the other cheek. The weaker and more despised you are, the more righteous and pure you will be. Of course no Christian ever actually offers the other cheek, only Jews do. Jews who want the world to know that they are more catholic that the Pope. We thus end up with this mad policy of "restraint" which seals the fate of yet another Jew every day.

Our adoption of the moral rules of the nations grants them the last word on every issue. They decide who is a terrorist, who is a freedom fighter, who is murderer, and who is a brave soldier defending his people and his homeland. Arafat murdered women and children, and the fighters of the Irgun avoided doing so, but they were all terrorists. And who is to say that the killing of a British sergeant is part of a war of independence and not just a despicable murder?

Where do truth and justice lie? What moral reference point can we use to guide the conscience of the world, to determine what is black and what is white? Does such a reference point even exist?

Indeed, we know there is such a point of reference, and all Bible-believing people (i.e. most of the world) know it as well. The point of reference is geographic and spiritual, and both physical and meta-physical. That point is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Prophets speak of the word of G-d coming from the Holy Mountain in Jerusalem. They speak of the great Truth flowing forth from the Temple Mount, and for which all the nations of the world will flock to Jerusalem. The entire world is familiar with these prophecies.

Our holy Torah is the source of the spiritual and moral light that illuminates Israel and the entire world. But the Torah cannot exist without the Sanhedrin. And when Torah scholars are incapable of speaking in one voice, the Torah splits into many versions.

To this day, the authority of our holy Torah today is derived from ancient Sanhedrin that once stood in Jerusalem and which, we pray, will reconvene in the not-so-distant future. In fact, the Torah´s power lies in that the Temple will be rebuilt, the Sanhedrin will once again be convened, and the Torah will return to being a living Torah.

Only a year ago the Israeli government agreed to hand over the Temple Mount to foreign sovereignty. For the first time in its history, the Jewish people gave up the Temple Mount of its own volition. In response, then leader of the opposition, Ariel Sharon, made a historic visit to the Temple Mount. The Temple War broke out, and in its wake Barak fell and Sharon came to power.

Since Sharon´s visit to the Temple Mount, it has been completely closed to Jews. Many expected Sharon to reopen the Mount to Jews, but he has kept it shut. Thus, sadly, Sharon joins the ranks of those who are blocking the entry of Jews to the Temple Mount, and shares in the responsibility for the continued theft of the Temple Mount from the Jews, with the consent of their leaders.

When Jews give up the Temple Mount, they are abandoning the dream of rebuilding the Temple. When there is no Temple there is no Sanhedrin, and when there is no Sanhedrin, the transmission of Torah is incomplete. When our understanding of Torah is fogged, the truth is obscured, and when the truth does not come forth from Jerusalem, it is sought elsewhere —in the International Court in The Hague, for example.

When we have lost our reference point in Jerusalem, when we have no North Star by which to orient ourselves and the moral compass of the nations, try telling the world that Sharon is fighting a just cause and that he is not a murderer. While Arafat has already received his Nobel Peace Prize, the best Sharon can hope for is to save himself by the skin of his teeth.

Moshe Feiglin, founder of Manhigut Yehudit, The Jewish Leadership Movement, led the campaign of mass civil disobedience against the Oslo accords. Feiglin heads the Mekimi Institute, a think-tank for Jewish-based policymaking. Currently Feiglin is championing the registration of thousands of new members to the Manhigut Yehudit bloc in Likud to create a Judaism-based leadership for the State of Israel. For other articles by Moshe Feiglin, visit www.manhigut.org

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