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The Tragedy of the Destruction on the Temple Mount and the Weakness of the Israeli Government to Stop it Continues

From: Temple Mount Faithful Date: Thursday, June 15, 2000 The Israeli newspaper, Ha’aretz today published the following terrible news:
Ha’Aretz 15th June, 2000

Inspection of Temple Mount works is stopped by police

By Nadav Shragai
Ha'aretz Correspondent

Police have stopped Jerusalem municipal officials from inspecting work undertaken by the Waqf (Islamic religious trust) and the Israeli Islamic movement on the Temple Mount. Tractors and trucks have been hard at work in recent weeks, undertaking projects along the eastern ridge of the Temple Mount, up to the Solomon's Stables site where sealedoff areas were opened up four months ago. Two large stone structures have been erected.

The municipality yesterday complained officially about the thwarting of efforts by the head of its supervisory department, Israel Ben Ari, to monitor these signs of work activity on the Temple Mount. In response, the police say that the Jerusalem official had reached the area without coordinating his steps with them. According to the police, Ben Ari must tour the area accompanied by the head of the police's holy places division, Chief Superintendent Nissan Shaham. The police spokeswoman said the two stone structures are temporary storage facilities.

Some Jerusalem activists are wary that the Waqf and Islamic movement projects could harm precious antiquities. The "Committee for the Prevention of Damage to Antiquities on the Temple Mount" a nonpartisan body comprised of members representing a gamut of political views claims that considerable damage has been caused in recent months to valuable relics on the surface of the Temple Mount, and below ground level. The Committee complains that no clear explanation of what the Waqf is up to along the eastern wall has been offered.

The mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert, stated on Israeli radio today that, besides the destruction along the eastern area of the Temple Mount, the Arabs are building a large mosque and that they want to make the whole area of the Temple Mount one big mosque. It is a terrible thing which Israel cannot allow and it should be stopped immediately.

The Arabs are doing this after already having built 2 other large mosques over the last year. On 2 holy sites on the Temple Mount which were a part of the temple complex. One was built in the Hulda Tunnels which were the main entrance to the Second Temple and the other was built in the site of the so-called “Solomon’s Stables” which were actually an important part of the temple and the worship associated with it. Over the last years they have undertaken other Islamic building activities and destruction on the Temple Mount. During these activities they destroyed and covered very holy remains from the First and Second Temples. All of these activities are an international scandal and not only an Israeli one. All of those in Israel and all over the world who had the authority to stop this terrible Arab Islamic vandalism and destruction and did not do anything will be judged by G–d Himself. This is a shame ful sin on the part of all of them. If the Arabs and Israeli Islamic movement who are committing this destruction think that they will be able to run and hide from the judgement of G–d, for what they did to His holy mountain and His holy house, they are terribly mistaken and deluded.

This vandalism and destruction on the most holy place in the world, together with other hostile activities, shows how great the danger is of the sinister plans of the Arabs and Islam not only to Israel but to all the world and mainly the Christians whom the Moslems call them and the Jews “people of the book”. Israel, despite the fact that we are in the frontline of this battle, is not afraid of them. Israel trusts and fears only our One beloved G–d. We shall continue to fight against this enemy and to stop this hostility and violence of the enemies of the G–d and people of Israel and all the world. G–d will be with us and, together with Him, we shall be the majority. We know that only the G–d of Israel controls the destiny of His people, Israel, and all the world. However, everyone in the world who has G–d in their heart should be ready to defeat this hostility and never give in to this great danger.

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement continues her mission and campaign to stop this sinful and shameful tragedy for all of us. Everyone in the world is called on to assist in this campaign for the sake of G–d, our faithfulness and loyalty to Him and our dignity and integrity.

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