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Capt. Hagai Bibi, Lt. Alex Leonardo Weisman
Photo: IDF
· More pictures of the week »

IDF raids Gaza Strip tunnels after two officers killed

Capt. Hagai Bibi, 24 of Ma'ale Adumim; Deputy company commander Lt. Alex Leonardo Weisman, 23, of Afula.

LATEST NEWS[ more » ]
IDF chasing terror cell near Eilat
Terrorists shot and tossed grenades at a vehicle north of Eilat close to 4am Tuesday.
ARTS[ more » ]
Gesher to perform at Lincoln Center
The local theater, founded in 1991, will perform six times beginning July 19, 2004.

NEWS[ more news » ]
Two Officers, two friends, died side by side

Scores of friends and relatives flooded the Bibi family house in Ma'aleh Adumim in an attempt to...

Elite refusers draw backlash

Officers Matkal to criticism of operations in the territories - a job mostly left to "regulars".

OPINION[ more opinion » ]
Close the religious councils

As we approach the beginning of 2004, the chances that religious councils will be abolished by the end...

Don't divorce art from morality

Agreeing to honor conductor Daniel Barenboim with the prestigious Wolf Prize at the Knesset is a...

COLUMNS[ more columns » ]
The Region: Saddam's defense speech

Saddam Hussein prepares his defense speech. He sits in the high-security cell, surrounded by American...

Newsmaker: View from the Left

EU Parliamentarian: "The EU knows its aid to the PA has not been spent correctly."

FEATURES[ more features » ]
'His Darkness Gives Light' – Sayeret Matkal anthem

A former member once said service in the 'Unit' is 'the worst imaginable preparation for civilian life.'

Under reconstruction

America want to capture the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.

BUSINESS NEWS[ more business news » ]
Coca Cola gets NIS 65m. state grant to relocate in Ashkelon

The Industry, Trade, and Labor Ministry's Investment Center approved a NIS 65m. grant to Coca Cola...

Keter acquires France's Allibert for $20m

Keter Plastic has acquired Voreppe, France-based Allibert, one of Europe's largest plastics producers,...

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