November/December 2000
An Israeli tank advances near Beit Jala

Evil Ideology

Jerusalem, December 19, 2000

The following is the response I sent a person who was shocked and outraged with a letter I wrote against Meimad and Rabbi Melchior; (see a copy of the letter at the end of this mail)- claiming it was 'sinat chinam' and saying Rabbi Melchior might be misguided or wrong but what came across in my letter was "contempt, disdain and disrespect."

I wish to share my reponse with the list. Shabbat Shalom,

Dear Friend,

Before I made aliya I also thought all Jews loved each other and will always do everything to protect each other from the enemy. Achdut (unity) - Ahavat Chinam (unconditional love)- Arvut Hadadit (caring for each other)...were the words leading us, I thought.

Then, over the years, one learns what happened in this country only a few years ago and one is shocked to find out that that is not always the case. You learn about the "saison" (the hunting season): when Jews were hunting other Jews to hand them over to the British. Yes, Jews of the left who in the 1930s, 1940s were 'malshin' (stool pigeon) to the British against their fellow Jews, political opponents, and were 'moser' (turned in) their fellow Jews to the British. Thanks to that info, the British were able to arrest, torture and even kill other Jews. That was not done because those Mapai (left) Jews were 'wrong' or made a 'mistake'....it was made out of evil intent, by Jews who were willing to do everything, even hand over their fellow Jews to the enemy, in order to stay in power. Of course I call it "evil intent' - they call it "ideology". Let's call it "evil ideology", because in my eyes nothing justifies betraying your Jewish brother.

Then you learn about the Altalena. The boat on which Menachem Begin was with many other Jabotinsky supporters. That boat was coming from France, bringing weapons and ammunition to Israel. All that ammunition could have saved the lives of many Jews. But Ben-Gurion was worried his political power would be in danger and all he cared about was to eliminate his political opponent, even at the price of sinking all that ammunition that would have helped Klal Yisrael. He ordered the boat to be sunk. Many Hagana Jews refused to carry out the order to sink the boat, but Ben-Gurion found a happy volunteer: Yitzhak Rabin. Yitzhak Rabin volunteered to shoot the canon (the Holy Canon as he used to call it) - the Jews on the boat jumped in the sea to save their lives, trying to swim ashore. Yitzhak Rabin ordered his men to shoot at the swimming Jews in order to kill them. 16 Jews were murdered in cold blood by Yitzhak Rabin and his men, only because they were his and Ben-Gurion's political opponents. This was not a mistake. This was not a difference of opinion. This was not "being misguided". This was evil ideology. This was Jews killing other Jews in order to do everything to stay in power.

Then you learn about the "mysterious disappearance" of hundreds of Yemenite children in the 1950s. It quickly came clear that it was the Mapai policy to kidnap the religious Yemenite children and take them away from their religious parents, in order to cut off their peyot (sidecurls)and "reshape" those children and turn them into secular Laborites. Mapai's intent was to create a secular country and those highly religious Jews were a threat to them.

It is sickening to read the testimonies of Yemenite mothers and fathers who were asked to bring their healthy children to the hospital for a "routine overnight check-up" and when the poor parents came back in the morning, they were told their child had died. (Which of course wasn't true...their child had been given away). Hundreds of these stories have been retold in a commission of inquiry that is still not over. Those kidnappings were not a 'mistake', were not 'a difference of opinion'. They were part of that same evil ideology in which the Jews on the left were willing to destroy perfectly happy families, taking away babies from their mothers, in order to create the society they were dreaming of.

And unfortunately I could go on with other examples. You will ask: what is the relevance of those stories, from 50 years ago, to today? And what is their relevance to Rabbi Melchior?

Unfortunately, I believe (and so do many others) that the entire Oslo agreements are part of that same evil ideology. ('Evil' because they are willing to harm, hurt and even kill other fellow-Jews for their ideology as the previous examples have shown).

The post-Zionist dream. The heirs of the Mapai founding fathers, who dreamed of turning Israel into a socialist non-religious country, today's Beilin, Peres, Ben-Ami, Pundak and many other Oslo architects want to continue their father's dream and want Israel to be, not a Jewish state, but a secular state of all its citizens. Basically turning Israel into the 51st state of America. Finish with Zionism, it's old-fashioned. Out with Yiddishkeit, that was good for our grandparents.

But how do you do that? The first thing is to detach those religious, ideological Jews from their connection to the land of our Forefathers. Get the settlers out of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. That will break their Zionism, that will break their morale. We, the settlers, and the national religious movement in general, we are the main political opponents of those Oslo architects. The same as the Jabotinsky people on the Altalena boat were a threat to Ben-Gurion. And after they will get rid of those settlers, they will implement the "secular revolution" that Barak already started with.

But, how do you get rid of those settlers? You can't put them on trucks. It does not look good on CNN. And there is not enough money for compensation. So you come up with a malicious plan, the Oslo agreements, where you unite with an old enemy, Arafat, give him power, guns, land and, step after step, withdrawal after withdrawal, you create a situation in Yesha where all Jewish settlements are surrounded by a sea of Arab terror. Yes, I claim that what is going on now, the daily terror, the daily killings, was planned and known in advance and that is the reason the government is not instructing the army to do all in its power to eradicate the terror. The hope of the Oslo architects is that after a while, we, the settlers, will decide we are not able to live in such danger and will pack up and leave. As Shimon Peres allegedly said in 1993, after the Oslo agreements were signed and he was asked: "But Mr Peres, what with the settlers? What will happen to them" And he allegedly answered: "Don't worry, one or two pogroms and most of them will leave". I believe it. If they could shoot Jews swimming ashore, they are capable of this too.

It is shocking. Yes. It is a shattering of our dream that "kol Yisrael Areivim ze lazeh". (All Jews are responsible one for another). Yes. And it hurts because they only represent a small minority of Am Yisrael. But unfortunately, a minority that has all the power in this country.

And this phenomena is not new either. Approaching Hannuka, one has to remember that the real war was between the Maccabees and the Hellenist Jews. The Hellenist Jews wanted to forget about their Yiddishkeit and turn into "citizens of the world". Not like those "old-fashioned" religious Maccabees. In fact the historians ask how come Antiochus came out with his decrees against Judaism. All the other nations that he had conquered, he did not ask them to give up on their tradition and heritage. Only with the Jews. How come? Professor Bickerman came up with the only possible answer: it was the Hellenist Jews who advised Antiochus how to break and destroy the religious, traditional Jews - the Maccabees. It was the Hellenist Jews who told Antiochus: "you want to break the Jews? Tell them they are not allowed to keep Shabbos, tell them they are not allowed to learn Torah, tell them they are not allowed to circumcise their sons". And with the advice of those Jews, Antiochus carried out his decrees.

It breaks my heart to have come to that realization, years ago. That Jews can be so mean and evil to other Jews, just in order to carry out some anti-Jewish, anti-Zionistic ideology. But those are the facts. And one has to be aware of them. And while it is possible that Rabbi Melchior, in the beginning, naively believed in the Oslo agreements - that it was a chance for peace - now it is clear to all, that those agreements will not bring peace and that continuing to sit with Arafat will only lead to more deaths of Jews. And therefore, anybody who still sticks around with Barak and the other Osloides, who do not hide their intentions (that is: Jews who are willing to give away Har Habayit, give away parts of Jerusalem, continue giving guns to Arafat, guns that - now we know it - are killing Jews and in addition to all this, planning the secular anti-religious revolution.)...anybody who declares that they stay in such a government, is now an active participant in the crime of Oslo - no matter how big his kippa is and no matter how much Torah he knows. And yes, towards those kind of Jews I have contempt, disdain and disrespect.

May we be privileged to once again witness the miracle of Hannukka, as in the days of the Maccabees when, with Hashem's help, they were victorious over the Hellenists and Hellenist Jews who collaborated with the enemy in order to push their political agenda, even at the price of betraying their fellow-Jews.

Shabbat Shalom,


Letter I wrote to a person who was defending Meimad and Rabbi Melchior:


You say yourself: "the only chance of the enemy to destroy us is when we are evil against each other" I am sorry to say but that is exactly the definition of Meimad, Rabbi Melchior's party.

Meimad is basically Shalom Achshav with a kippa on. Jews willing to be evil against their brothers; Jews willing to be 'moser' their brothers from Hevron and other smaller yishuvim to the enemy with the (naive) hope to save their own little yishuv in Alon Shvut. Meimad Jews, calling themselves religious, who have not left the government despite the fact that Barak actively attempted to give away Har Habayit, half of Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley, bring 100,000 Arabs into Israel with the' right of return' and of course uproot tens of thousand of Jews from their homes and/or hand them over to the murderous PLO control. (If that is not "sinat chinam" then what is?) Even Shas was too embarassed to stay in such an anti-Jewish and anti-zionistic government!!!

We cannot forgive nor forget the Meimad Rabbis, including Rav Gilad, who helped create the atmosphere to incriminate the innocent Nachum Korman by paying well-publicized condolence visits to the family of the Arab boy and would-be murderer Hilmi Shousha.

The fact that Rabbi Melchior is "helping with the matzav on the road" is not a reason not to criticize him on the derech he represents. (By the way, what exactly DID he do about the "matzav"? Did he finally tell his buddy Barak to stop all the insane 'confidence building measures', giving the murderer Arafat more fuel, more weapons, more money, and now -as we heard on the news yesterday- discussing the release of even more terrorists with blood on their hands, while Jews are being killed daily! Somehow I did not hear Meimad's opposition to that 'hefkerut'...

Nor did I see Rabbi Melchior pay any shiva call at the Didovsky's, the ben Ami's, the Leisha's....

Don't you give us mussar on Sinat Chinam. Let the few Meimad members look at themselves in the mirror first.

Nadia Matar


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