Whose Jerusalem ?

Whose Jerusalem ?

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Elections in Israel - a Godly end-time event

Thursday, November 30, 2000

The Israeli Knesset passed the first reading of a bill to call for new elections in Israel only 18 months after the previous elections when Ehud Barak was elected as the Prime Minister of Israel. According to the law in Israel, elections are only required every 4 years. Prime Minister Barak did his best to avoid the decision but he did not succeed and at last he decided to join accede to the demands. It now appears that Israel will hold new elections in the coming Spring.

This decision occurred despite the fact that Israel is now being attacked by the so-called “Palestinian Authority” and the terrorists of the murderer, Yasser Arafat. Their goal is not only to take Jerusalem away from Israel but to fulfil their historical goal to completely destroy Israel. From the north, Israel is attacked by the Hisb’allah terrorist organisation which has the same goals. Arab and Islamic conferences which took place over the last weeks took anti-Israeli decisions.

This is not a simple time in Israel and, as I wrote in a previous article, it looks like the first stages of the end-time Gog and Magog war that the G–d of Israel told us in Scripture would take place during the end-time redemption of Israel (Ezekiel 38-39; Zechariah12,14). But everyone in the world should know that Israel is very strong with G–d and everything is in His control. At the same time, all the world should know that they are tested by the G–d of Israel as to on which side they will stand—with G–d and Israel or with their enemies. I advise everyone, especially the politicians who lead all the nations at this time, to read and pay very close attention to the Word of G–d in prophecy and not to have any illusions about the intentions of the G–d of Israel and His plans for the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and the land of Israel. He is determined to completely accomplish His redemptional plans for Israel that he started putting into effect 52 years ago when He founded the modern State of Israel. I advise everyone in the world to raise their eyes to Israel, the Temple Mount and Jerusalem. Great godly events of redemption, end-time war and the judgements of G–d on the all enemies of Israel and the nations all over the world which persecute the people of G–d and Israel and continue to do so now are soon to take place here.

Perhaps here or there a break will occur in the war that the so-called “Palestinians” are cruelly waging against Israel. If this should happen it will be of only a very short duration and temporary. There is only one real process: the redemption of Israel and then of all the world. The Word of G–d and His law will go out to all the world from Zion, the rebuilt hill and the house of G–d on the Temple Mount and from Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. If anyone has any doubts about this, I advise that person to read the Scriptures. The Word of G–d is very clear and over the last 52 years He has fulfilled most of the prophecies and there is no reason why He will not fulfil the remainder as He promised in the near future. In any case, this is a good time and a right time to read the Scriptures. So often we see at this terrible and complicated time that this is the only truth that we can find in an embarrassing and hypocritical mankind.

As a result of the decision of the Knesset, Prime Minister will end his term of office. This is also an important part of these end-time events. He was elected at this special time to be a part of and protect G–d’s end-time plans with the land and people of Israel. He was elected to be faithful and to fulfil G–d’s end-time plans and the redemptional process which he is now leading in Israel and not to join and to be faithful to the false anti-godly so-called “peace” process of Oslo and all the other places where evil anti-godly conferences and summits took place. The plans of the murderer, Arafat, Clinton, the UN, Barak and everyone else are anti-godly and contrary to His prophetic end-time plans with the people and land of Israel and full of evil and a revolt against the G–d of Israel. Thousand s of years ago G–d decided that the promised land was given to Israel alone and not to anyone else, especially not to His enemies. He made an eternal covenant with Israel concerning this before all the nations. The so-called “Palestinian Authority”, “Palestinians”, Yasser Arafat and all the Arab enemies of Israel are not in the plans of G–d and they are going to disappear from history like the old Philistines which tried to take away Jerusalem and the land from Israel.

From the moment that Prime Minister Barak joined himself to this false process and went to Camp David to meet the Amalekite leader, Arafat, he lost his power exactly as happened to King Saul when he saved and had pity on the cruel murdering king of the Amalekites. It was much more evil in the eyes of G–d when Barak was ready at Camp David to give away 95% of Judea Samaria and Gaza, the main Biblical part of the land of Israel, to the Amalekites of the murderer, Arafat. He was even ready to compromise on Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel which is the heart of this nation which cannot exist with it because the G–d of Israel dwells in the midst of it on Mt. Moriah. This was terrible in the eyes of G–d and the anger of G–d was even greater when Barak was ready to compromise on the Temple Mount. He even tried to manipulate this compromise when he understood that the G–d and people of Israel will never accept the giving away of sovereignty of the G–d and people of Israel over this holy of G–d. He suggested to the enemies of Israel to give them what is on the surface of the the Temple Mount and to keep what is under the ground under Israeli sovereignty. But G–d hardened the heart of the murderer, Arafat, like Pharaoh and Arafat refused this suggestion. Then Barak made another terrible suggestion. He suggested that the Temple Mount be placed under the control of the UN. Here again, G–d hardened Arafat’s heart as well as that of the UN and they refused to accept this suggestion. Thanks to G–d and the long struggle of The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement, Barak eventually understood that he could give the Temple Mount to so-called “Palestinian”, Arab or Islamic sovereignty and all the negotiations at Camp David failed and the summit exploded. The hand of G–d was so clearly on this evil summit. Barak returned to Israel with no results and immediately the so-called “Palestinian” war against Israel started.

As we see, this war started because of the Temple Mount and on the Temple Mount. As a continuation of this, G–d placed on the heart of the leader of the opposition, Ariel Sharon, to go up to the Temple Mount and to demonstrate and declare Israeli sovereignty over this holy hill of the G–d and people of Israel. The enemies understood the significance of this act but they did not want to understand that that is what G–d expected of Barak and every Israeli to do: to demonstrate and to openly and very clearly declare the sovereignty of the G–d and people of Israel over the Temple Mount which is the heart, the symbol and the flag of the G–d, the people and the land of Israel. It is no accident that the enemies are calling this war against Israel the Al Aqsa Intifada after the name of the mosque which they built on the Temple Mount against the will of the G–d of Israel and as a revolt against Him. This evil name and war as well as the foreign pagan “Palestinian” presence and abomination on the holy hill of G–d will soon be removed by the G–d of Israel and a real Israeli government with vision and will disappear like dust in the wind. This is the word of G–d from Jerusalem, his holy hill and who can change it?

Prime Minister Barak made a sinful mistake when he joined with this false process and not with the real godly redemptional process with Israel. This is the reason that G–d is removing him from office as happened with other Prime Ministers in Israel before him who did the same.

The time of professional leadership by politicians in Israel who are not led by the Word of the G–d of Israel and His end-time prophetic plans has passed away. We pray and look forward to a completely different type of leadership: leadership which is faithful to the G–d of Israel, to His Word, to the covenant that He made with Abraham and Israel, to the vision and cause that he gave to Israel through His prophets and to His great end-time redemptional plans; a leadership which will rebuild the temple and prepare the holy ground of Israel for the coming of Mashiach ben David which in any case is soon to occur. As in the time of King David when the Philistines attacked and made war against Israel and even occupied most parts of the land, we are looking for and praying that G–d will again send a great godly leader, the seed of David who will redeem us, thanks to G–d and His battle for Israel. This leadership is soon to come. If not in the coming elections then soon thereafter because this is the will of G–d and this is the way in which He leads the history of Israel and He declares it so clearly in His Word throughout Scripture. Soon the great and really godly Prime Minister of Israel will be the king of Israel, Mashiach ben David.

Everyone should know that every event that is taking place in Israel is a part of the prophetic godly end-time events. The ways of G–d are not our ways but far above us. But everyone with normal eyes, besides the enemies of Israel whose eyes are blind and judged by G–d, can clearly see what G–d is doing with Israel and its leadership in these days. The hand of G–d is constantly on what is going on in Israel and He is preparing another great revolution in Israel, a revolution of leadership.

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement calls on everyone in these great and critical time to be with the Faithful Movement which is acting intensively with the G–d of Israel to fulfil His prophetic end-time plans in our lifetime as He expects of us. Time is short and everything is soon to come. Give us your help and your support and be a part of this great event and campaign. This is the time for righteous people to be together with us and Israel and very soon we shall see the light at the end of the tunnel and the great godly fulfilment. Together let us trust in the G–d of Israel and believe in His Word and in what He is doing with Israel in these exciting and critical days.

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