Micheal Eisner (Disney chairman and CEO) Sides with Arabs on Jerusalem


According to a report by the Reuters News Agency, Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal has been assured that the planned Jerusalem exhibit at the Millennium Village of Florida's Epcot Center would not depict Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as originally planned. According to the report, the Disney officials assured Saudi officials that the planned exhibit which was to show the accomplishments of the Jewish State and the Jewish People was to depict Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The planned move was met with threats of an international boycott by the Arab League and officials in the United Arab Emirates.

The prince is a nephew of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd and has a high-profile international portfolio of investments in banks, hotels, broadcasting, airlines, computers, cars and real estate.

Officials of the Arab League are still planning to send a delegation to Florida to review the planned exhibit prior to its opening to the public to ensure it meets the standards of the international Moslem community and does not in any way hint to Jerusalem as being the capital of the Jewish State. Senior officials in the PLO Authority have stated the status of Jerusalem may only be determined in the final status talks, which got underway in Gaza on Monday evening.

Arab League officials have warned Disney that any violation of the agreement was also a violation of United Nations resolutions and would be met with attacks on "lucrative Disney interests."

Arab League Secretary-General Esmat Abdel Meguid told reporters in Cairo he had received an apologetic letter from Michael Eisner, Disney chairman and chief executive, explaining the exhibit was not intended to offend Arabs or Palestinians.

If Micheal Eisner, a Jew, gives in to Arab blackmail. He's a fool. If he's going to show an exibit of Jerusalem. He should explain the facts. Jerusalem was never in history an Arab capital. There is not one single mention of Jerusalem in the Koran. Only the Jews have had Jerusalem as there capital. David and Solomon built up Jerusalem. Further, from 1948 to 1967, when the Arabs occupied Israeli East Jerusalem, the Arabs kicked out all the Jews from East Jerusalem, burned 58 temples and built bathrooms next the to wailing Wall. For 19 years, Jews were barred from Praying at the Wailing Wall. Only when Israel liberated Jerusalem in 1967, was Jerusalem a free city. And most importantly, that Muhammad flew from Heaven from the temple mount. This is the biggest lie in history. It was Hajj Amin Al Husseini, the Arab Nazi leader of the 1920s, who made this lie up. Husseini made this lie up, so Arabs would riot against Jews. And we all know, the Arabs massacred the Jews in Hebron in 1929 and 1936.

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