Official Egyptian Holocaust Denial and Anti-Semitism

Official Egyptian Media Continue to Deny Holocaust, Preach Anti-Semitism

Four months ago, on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the September 17, 1978 Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt, the Israel Government Press Office (GPO) released a special report documenting anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial in the official Egyptian press. Egyptian officials responded by denying that the official Egyptian media was anti-Semitic. The GPO compiled the following examples of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial that have appeared in the official Egyptian press since the previous report:

From the Egyptian daily, Al-Ahram, December 8, 1998 (article by Nabil Amar):

"Has there been any change at all in the personality of the fanatic Jew, as it has come to be known and described in the literature and heritage of most of the nations of the world? That is to say, has there been any development of his character traits after his state has been established and he has obtained international influence? For example, is there any difference between Netanyahu's traits, when he is negotiating with the Palestinians, Lebanese and the Syrians, and those of the money-lender from the play 'The Merchant of Venice'?"
From the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram, November 29, 1998 (article by Ragev al-Bana on Israel's treatment of the Palestinians and human rights):
"Who would have believed that there would be a country in the world which even now follows the Nazi example in its treatment of prisoners?"
From the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram, November 14, 1998:
"The Jews have been behind all of the wars and their goal was corruption and destruction. This is their means of getting rich quick after wars."
From the Egyptian weekly October, October 11, 1998 issue (article by Muhammad al-Takhlawi):
"Research done regarding the Torah proves that there is no one with whom the Jews have not quarreled, including God.... the Torah makes clear that quarreling and strife are among the foundations of the "Israeli personality", for immediately upon birth, the Jew imbibes conflict with his mother's milk and therefore one can not find a Jew who is not involved in some dispute... [the Jew is] a man of quarrel and conflict, who sows enmity with his hidden fingers throughout the entire world."
From the Egyptian weekly October, October 4, 1998 issue (article by Mustafa Mahmoud):
"Any one who studies the Jewish heritage can not help but feel that all conspiracies against religions and generally all destructive upheavals and the undermining of values and basic principles - all are the result of this heritage. Jewish guidance directs every axe of destruction... Satan worship is part of Judaism and especially its concealed aspects, such as the Kabbalah, as is the goal of destroying the monotheistic religions."
From the Egyptian daily Al-Akhbar, September 25, 1998 (article by Wahya Abu Thawkra entitled, "The Holocaust, Netanyahu and Me"):
"... the Jews invented the myth of mass extermination and the fabrication that 6 million Jews were put to death in Nazi ovens. This was done with the aim of motivating the Jews to emigrate to Israel and to blackmail the Germans for money as well as to achieve world support for the Jews. Similarly, Zionism based itself on this myth to establish the State of Israel... I continue to believe that the Holocaust is an Israeli myth which was invented to blackmail the world."
From the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram, September 21, 1998 (article by Anis Mansour):
"...racism, chauvinism and the principle of ethnic purity are all elements of Zionism, regardless of the revocation of the UN resolution on this subject."

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