Nine Christian Copts were among 14 Egyptians shot dead in Egypt last week, in the second incident of its kind in the past six weeks.

According to the March 15 issue of the newspaper EL-WAFD, three terrorists dressed in police uniforms used stolen police weapons in the attack.

They opened fire on the streets of two small adjoining villages 400 miles south of Cairo. Some three hours later, they attacked a train in the area, killing a pregnant woman and wounding 15 other passengers.

One extremist Islamic group charged that " ... A branch of Egypt's security has done this to discredit the Islamists".

But the ASSOCIATED PRESS quoted a Coptic Orthodox priest as saying he believed the terrorists were "only aiming at Coptic Christians", and that the Muslims killed just happened to be standing in the way.

On February 12, 10 Coptic Christian were killed and five injured in an attack on a church in Upper Egypt, perpetrated by four armed men believed to be members of an armed Islamist group.

"Scores of civilians, including dozens of Coptic Christians and some foreign tourists, have been deliberately killed in Egypt by armed Islamist groups, including al-Gama'a al-Islamiya, since 1992 when these groups took up arms against the government," said Amnesty International in a recent statement.

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