As our readers will immediately see, this month's Digest focuses almost exclusively on the very successful attempts by Yasser Arafat to divide the Christian world regarding Israel, and specifically the future of Jerusalem.

Many may protest that Arafat has nothing to do with their support for the Palestinian cause, that it stems from concern for the plight of the "ordinary people".

But the fact of the matter is that Arafat and his PLO have been the driving force generating that concern by riveting global attention on their cause with numerous acts of terrorism, by churning out massive lies and distortions of history, and by winning over the powerful international media which has played the role of PLO propaganda machine so well.

Christians who know their Bible are familiar with John's vision, recorded in Revelation, of a harlot riding a beast. The popular interpretation is that the beast represents a political power with which the harlot a politically-motivated church allies itself.

Too many shameful examples of that harlot and beast have been seen throughout the history of Christendom: the church riding the Inquisition, calling for the Crusades, directing the pogroms, blessing the expulsions, and closing its eyes to, and even involving itself in, the Holocaust.

In my opinion, all that differs these waves of "Christian" anti-Semitism from the current situation is one small item: Where the name of the victim down through history has been "Jew", today it is "Israel".

Those Christians who side with the Arab and secular-humanist world against Israel, and against what is written in their own Bible regarding the rights to Israel and Jerusalem whether out of ignorance or anti-Semitism are riding the latest incarnation of "the beast". That is the message in these pages.

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