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The Middle East peace process has witnessed some dramatic developments over the past two months, and we know our readers are anxious for the latest news from Israel. This special double edition of the Digest is designed to fully familiarize you with where things stand – both on the surface and behind the scenes — as the parties move into a time of accelerated negotiations.

The two months of coverage was necessitated in large part by our involvement in the Christian Embassy’s annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration. Yet, in this time frame, we have been able to observe events leading up to the recent Oslo summit, and have compiled what we hope you will find is an informative package of news and commentary to serve as a guide in the critical days ahead.

The Oslo summit had the hallmarks of a defining moment in the remarkable saga of Israel’s long search for peace. Those leading personalities gathered there seemed determined to convince themselves everything can be essentially resolved in the next 100 days. I, for one, have yet to be persuaded that it is possible. Whether or not you are a convert to that line of thinking already, the October/November issue of the Digest will enhance your understanding of where they, at least, are intending to go.

We are also pleased to include two special guest commentaries from Israelis living in Jewish communities in Judea/Samaria. Their appeals are not desperate — as the situation facing them in this hour would seem to dictate — but measured and engaging, inviting us to stand for a moment in their place, if we dare. What would we do? For Christians, it presents an interesting test: Would our faith in God sustain us, though the whole world be against us?

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