As I watched the frenzied local and international media activity surrounding the so- called "Bar-On affair", I was reminded of the way a friend of mine au fait with the workings of stock exchanges described them to me.

'Don't get taken in by all the big figures doing the rounds, the millions and billions of dollars flashing on the neon board', he said. In the end, what exchanges hands is actually a lot of paper, and very little else.

So too it has been with "Bar-On" which, like the numerous press-generated "scandals" surrounding Binyamin Netanyahu, comprised not much more than the pages of newsprint and TV script on which journalists unloaded their speculation and wishful thinking.

Much of what didn't come from the media, came from the prime minister's political opponents, who bayed for his blood and demanded he step down on the grounds he had lost his moral foundation. (Here the hypocrisy was especially distasteful, given the wheeling-and-dealing political pasts of some of those decrying this "immorality".)

On a personal note: While my heart did sink on first hearing of the police recommendation that Mr Netanyahu be indicted, as calls for his resignation reached fever pitch my fears gave way to the assurance I have had since the elections last May: that the God of Israel has chosen this man to rule the country at this time.

The Attorney-General's decision not to charge Mr Netanyahu therefore came as no surprise (although it elicited a sigh of relief). No matter how heavily the odds are stacked against Israel's leader, he will not complete his term in office until Israel's God determines he should.

Of that I am absolutely sure.

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