From the Editor


We welcome our readers to the March 2000 issue of the Middle East Digest. As we go to press, there is an enormous amount of Arab rage being expressed against Israel and anyone who dares speak out for her. The French prime minister was just stoned by Palestinian students for describing Hizb'Allah attacks against Israel as "terrorist actions." The current pan-Arab reviling of Israel features comparisons of the Jewish state to the Nazis - intended to be doubly offensive to those who survived the Holocaust. The analogy will backfire! Israelis will respond with grace. Western leaders know what the Nazis were truly like, and that Israel's cause is poles apart from Hitlerism. Finally, everyone will remember that many Arabs of that ill-fated generation applauded Hitler and his genocide. Their fathers erred, and so do they.

Editor: David Parsons

Writers: Paul Longgrear, Raymond McNemar

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