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May 2001         

Arafat's Duplicity

By Uri Dan
(May 3) - "Yasser Arafat arrested two mortar squads," Channel 1 announced triumphantly on Friday night two weeks ago, at peak viewing time. Reporter Amnon Abramovitz, who made the announcement, created the impression that Arafat was taking action to halt the terrorist mortar attacks against Jewish settlements. The electronic and written media joyfully repeated the news item.

Since then mortar shells from the Gaza Strip have repeatedly fallen on Israeli targets.

Last Saturday one shell, out of five fired, injured a group of teenagers in their youth club in Netzer Hazani. Increasing mortar fire is one of the forms of ongoing artillery terrorism from the Gaza Strip directed against Israelis.

This is only one of many examples of the methods of duplicity practiced by Arafat in order to deceive the Israelis - both their public opinion and their government. His duplicity is primitive - as if he is acting against terrorism, as if he opposes it. Why not? It actually works: Abramovitz was caught like a hungry fish on this hook and circulated this false news item on TV, which subsequently produced giant headlines in the Israeli press.

Arafat devotes a lot of time to this campaign of disinformation, as an integral part of the war he has imposed on Israel for more than seven months. He uses every possible device to continue to deceive the Jews: visits by MKs, newspaper interviews, or through Israelis who have business connections with the PA, like Yossi Ginossar. Arafat, of course, also uses the other Yossis (Sarid and Beilin), in order to disseminate his lies.

The last lie in Arafat's infinite series in that all that is needed to halt his campaign of terrorism is to freeze and, in the final analysis, to uproot the settlements. This idea is included in the dubious Jordanian-Egyptian initiative.

This deceitful equation is circulated by people like Sarid and Beilin, apparently assuming that the public has a short memory. After all, only yesterday the previous prime minister, Ehud Barak, was ready not only to give Arafat control over the Temple Mount, but also to uproot dozens of settlements. Barak even agreed that Sarid and Beilin would go to Taba to conduct the crazy negotiations that came to nothing, and in fact the previous government surrendered there to Arafat.

But Arafat saved the State of Israel by refusing, in the best Palestinian tradition, to sign an agreement of any kind with Israel, in the same way as he refuses to halt the terrorism. This is apparently because Arafat still relies on Jews like Beilin to not only pave his way to the White House (that justifiably refuses to invite him), but also to continue the disintegration of the Jewish state.

Beilin is not prepared to take personal responsibility for the fact that Israel has been caught in a bloody, historical ambush. Beilin was responsible for preparing the ground (in Shimon Peres's name) for the Oslo Agreement, behind Yitzhak Rabin's back.

This led not only to the suicidal terrorists, but also to the current war, in which Palestinian automatic weapons are murdering Jews in Judea and Samaria, Palestinian mortars are firing from Gaza and car bombs are exploding in Netanya, Kfar Saba and Tel Aviv.

Beilin, who rushes off to give advice to Arafat and his cronies about how to thwart the policy of the legal government, perhaps believes that in 2001 he can repeat his acts of political duplicity of 1992-93 that brought Arafat to the White House.

Of course, Arafat knows that there is a channel of communication between Beilin and Foreign Minister Peres. It is also obvious that Arafat and Beilin know that Peres himself, the Nobel Prize laureate for the nonexistent peace, together with Arafat, is bound heart and soul to the catastrophic 1993 Oslo Agreement.

But they are all like someone who is making a wedding without the bridegroom. Arafat, Beilin and Peres perhaps forget that the current government is not headed by Rabin, whom they caught in a trap in 1993.

©2001 - Jerusalem Post

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