Anti-Semitism and Holocaust

  • The attributing of all or part of one's own misfortunes,and those of one's country, to the presence of Jewish elements in the community, and proposing to remedying this state of affairs by depriving the Jews of certain of their rights; by keeping them out of certain economic or social activities, by expelling them from the country,by exterminating them etc.
    Jean Paul Sartre's definition taken from "Anti-Semite and Jew".
    He also developes the theme that anti-semitism is more than an idea; it is a passion that enters one's being through the mind.
  • Attitudes and actions against Jews based on the belief that they are uniquely inferior, evil, or deserving of condemnation by their very nature, or by historical or supernatural dictates.
    taken from "Anti-Semitism: The Causes and Effects Of A Prejudice", by Crosser & Halperin. This work is the history of a hatred arranged chronologically.
  • A general term denoting a prejudice expressed by all forms of hostility manifested towards the Jews throughout history...
    taken from Israel Pocket Library "Anti-Semitism"
  • "opposition to, prejudice against or intolerance of the Jewish people",
    from Funk & Wagnells Britannica Dictionary
  • "The hatred and persecution of Jews as a group; not the hatred of persons who happen to be Jews, but rather the hatred of persons because they are Jews"
    Charles Y.Glock & Rodney Stark in Christian Beliefs & Anti -Semitism.


The developmental sequence:
Proceeds from beliefs to feelings to actions. The intensity increases as one moves from stage to stage on this ladder.

Prejudice is a rational pattern of behavior. No prejudiced person thinks of himself as a bigot. He has "reasons" for his prejudice.


" A wave of anti-Semitism is sweepihg the world as a reaction against
1) Jewish control of the news chanells
2) international Jewish banking
3) atheistic communism spawned by Jews"
(This statement was made in 1940 in Europe)

Gradually I began to hate them. For me this was the time of the greatest spiritual upheaval I have ever gone through. I have ceased to be a weak-kneed cosmopolitan and have become an anti-Semite.
(Adoph Hitler)

1) Marriages between Jews and German citizens prohibited.
2) Non-marital sex between Jews and German citizens prohibited.
3) Jews shall not employ in their households female German citizens under 45 years of age.
(German law of September 15,1935)
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