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On the very same day that a Jordanian soldier massacred seven and wounded six Israeli schoolgirls who were visiting Naharayim, the Island of Peace, the General Assembly of the United Nations voted to condemn Israel for its determination to proceed with the Har Homa building project.

On the surface the two events appear to have been unrelated; but in truth, they were not. The former was the product of what the Jerusalem Post calls "The culture of hatred against Israel that permeates the Arab world." The latter was one more poisonous ingredient thrown into the noxious potion from which that culture pours forth.

One Israeli commentator observed that the murder of the schoolchildren was the "lethal evidence of the volatile political atmosphere last week in the wake of king Hussein's emotionally-charged letter to Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and the artificial tension created by the Palestinians."

To be sure, King hussein never intended his public criticism of Netanyahu to inspire the soldier's murderous act. His visit last weekend to the grieving families of the seven children was poignant proof of his sincere contrition. But there can be no doubt his much publicized denunciation of Netanyahu helped to stir emotions in an already delicate emotional situation.

So too will the vote in the General Assembly. Orchestrated by the Palestinian authority (PA). it spreads a harsh but false accusation that the government of Israel is a violator of Oslo and a threat to peace. In its turn, the accusation will become yet another contamination of the truth poisoning the minds and the hearts of people against Israel. More ominously, however, the vote directly challenges Israel's promise that Jerusalem will never again be divided.

It is therefore with great disappointment we note Canada's support of the General Assembly resolution. Regrettably, Canada thus helps foster the invidious culture of hatred against Israel and is willingly complicit in the campaign to undermine the Jewish claim to an undivided Jerusalem.

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