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U.S. Condemns Anti-Israel UN Moves
By Colum Lynch
Special to The Washington Post
Saturday , October 14, 2000

UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 13 –– Richard C. Holbrooke, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, condemned Palestinian and Egyptian diplomats today for trying to use the United Nations to censure Israel and warned that they may "jeopardize" their relations with the United States if they persist.

The Palestinian representative at the U.N., Nasser Al-Kidwa, has been seeking support for a Security Council resolution calling on Israel to cease hostilities. He has also said he might push for a special session of the 189-nation General Assembly to rally international opinion against Israel.

"President Clinton personally instructed me to announce that we will veto the next resolution," Holbrooke said. "We are waging a knock-down, drag-out fight with the nonaligned movement and the Palestinians to prevent them from further abusing the Security Council and the United Nations."

On behalf of the United States, Holbrooke abstained from voting Oct. 7 on a Security Council resolution that accused Israel of using excessive force against Palestinian demonstrators. The resolution passed 14-0.

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