The Israel Report

March 2001

1948 - by Reuven Rubin

Collective Punishment

by Dov Gilor - Arutz
19 March 2001

When Arabs murder Jews and Israel responds, the world condemns Israel. The latest propaganda method of condemning Israel is to accuse Israel of "collective punishment". When one Arab murders a Jew and Israel blockades an entire city to prevent further murders by Arabs, the world screams its indignation at Israel. What, the world asks, did all these innocent civilians do to deserve to be cut off from their fellow Arabs? Israel is punishing the innocent along with the guilty!

What the world chooses to forget is that the Palestinian Arab authority, by its actions, has declared war upon Israel. Arafat feels free to send his "police" to fire upon Jews whenever they wish. Israeli vehicles are ambushed, men, women and children are murdered and the murderers flee back to sanctuary in the areas controlled by Arafat. This is war and war has its own rules.

The rules of war definitely do not prohibit collective punishment. When Saddam Hussein threatened Kuwait, it was not only Saddam and his loyal soldiers who were bombed and placed in quarantine. The entire country with all of its innocent men, women and children were cut off from the rest of the world. Every Iraqi suffered, especially the weak, the poor and the downtrodden. The United States had no choice. It could not blockade only the leaders. In the same way, Israel cannot just close off Arafat and his loyal "police". Unfortunately, innocent civilians will also suffer for the crimes of their leaders.

The Palestinian Arabs want to be free to murder Jews but want to also sway public opinion to force Israel not to respond. The Arabs blame their own murderous behavior on the their emotional reaction to Israel´s continued subjugation of the Palestinian Arabs. They seem to forget that the conquest is over and was originally caused by Arab attacks. The conquest is over because Israel no longer rules most of the Palestinian Arabs, but rather they are subjects of Arafat.

The Palestinian Arabs today are Israel´s neighbors. We may still give them problems when they pass through our checkpoints but that is not because they are subjugated but rather because they are bad neighbors and we suspect their missions and intentions. Unfortunately many innocents also suffer when a government tyranny like Arafat´s decides to attack its neighbors. Every country hassles its potential enemies at checkpoints and borders, and Israel is no different. The Arabs are trying to wreak havoc and mayhem on our roads and in our cities and Israel is doing what it deems necessary to reduce the capability of the Arabs to carry out their murderous intents. It is high time that the Israeli government provide security on the roads we travel and that it should take the necessary steps to prevent the Arabs from murdering innocent men, women and children then fleeing to a safe haven in the areas controlled by Arafat. Israel´s actions are neither unreasonable nor illegal and it is time that we openly declare this truth.

A blockade has been shown to be an effective weapon of war. Israel does not use it often enough. When Ramallah was closed off, no innocent Jews were shot at and no bombs went off in public places. This type of blockade is legal and should be used whenever necessary. We can win if our leaders stop being afraid of world opinion. The world continues to condemn us whether we exercise restraint or whether we fight back. Let us stop the murder of Jews by Palestinian Arabs and stop being overly concerned about public opinion. When U.S. President, Harry Truman, dropped the atom bomb on Japan, all of Japan was collectively punished in order to stop the killing of American troops. Israel has the exact same obligation to stop the killing of innocent Jews by Arab murderers, even if collective punishment is the price. (Comments are welcome via dov@gilor.com)
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