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July 2002         

Cloaks and Daggers

By Craig Isman - July 25, 2002
One must truly hand it to the Arabs - they came up with an ingenious method to destroy Israel - without even appearing responsible. They have created this plan with the political cover and support of many of the world's intellectual elites, the Media, trade unions, and leadership of the European "progressive Western Democracies."

Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran learned from the 1967 Six-Day and 1973 Yom Kippur War that they could not defeat Israel with a frontal military assault (even with help from one of superpowers at the time, the Soviet Union), and realized that with Israel's growing might, another war would be a catastrophic disaster for the Arabs. It was only the severe U.S. pressure on Israel that prevented it from capturing the Jordanian, Syrian and Egyptian capitals in 1973. Egypt, having smartened up and realized that peace and the profits that come with it are more desirable than poverty and expensive wars, finally signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979. Jordan came around to this fact as well, with its own treaty about a decade later.

So, like any dedicated coaching staff needing a new game plan, the three remaining active enemies of Israel - Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran - retrenched and designed a grand strategy that perpetuated the assault on Israel, but without the political fallout from using a formal army. They decided an organization was needed to stand up before the world's media with a shred of credibility when it cried "victimhood," all the while using unseen methods to attack its opponent. Most importantly, it couldn't be something easily or plausibly linked to the 3 powers that supported it.

The solution as it turned out, came delivered on a silver platter from their Soviet friends: the PLO. This loose band of guerilla fighters led by one of the world's elite terrorist/murderers, Yasser Arafat, came complete with full military/guerilla training and a thorough indoctrination of Marxist policy from those fine handlers of men, the KGB. As someone who has never fought in so much as a single battle but wears the garb of a soldier, Arafat has been responsible directly or indirectly for much of the terrorism directed at Israel and the U.S. for the last 35 years. He is also responsible for murderous uprisings and insurgencies in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, where tens of thousands were killed in 1982.

These three nations knew that the UN, even with its clear anti-Israel bias (Israel is the only member nation of the UN barred from serving on the Security Council) and stacked with 57 Muslim nations, would not tolerate further regional wars emanating from the Middle East, so they enabled a "front man," who would do their bidding to destroy the state of Israel, but would not link them to the crime. Like the major Mafia families in the U.S., they created a legitimate-sounding apparatus to hide behind, one itself cloaked behind a questionable cause, but which has become inexplicably accepted by many, particularly in "enlightened" Europe.

The current system works like this: Saudi Arabia provides the funding (with U.S. oil dollars) that Iran uses to purchase military hardware from the likes of China. Syria then provides logistical support via transportation to the West Bank and Gaza Strip (unless the cache is too large, and ships like the Karine A are needed). A recent New York Times article showed Arafat was working with his Iranian handlers/contacts in Russia to acquire significant weaponry late last year, items banned by the Oslo accords from being brought into areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

The PA itself operates as a front for the various recently-created terrorist groups Arafat has initiated, but suffice to say that the camouflage smoke and mirror techniques taught by the KGB were absorbed quite well. When caught red-handed, Arafat performs eerily like the Soviets of yesteryear - obfuscate, change the subject, or lie, but never admit, under any circumstances, even when your credibility hangs in the balance, to any wrongdoing. The mantra that "the other side is the guilty party, and we are victims of a conspiracy" is applied mightily to those pliable - and ignorant enough - to accept it.

This "system" was put in place decades ago, but truly began to reach full steam in 1993, after the Israelis stepped back from civil administration of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. A war of terror against civilians, where the strikes would be best carried out if launched from as close as possible, could now be launched right on the doorstep of the Zionist enemy. The Oslo accords enabled a violent, corrupt swamp to grow, giving rise to the autocratic Palestinian Authority. With Arafat following their orders in the West Bank, other organizations like Hizbullah could be placed in Lebanon, providing a multi-front assault on the Jewish State.

Among those in the know, there is little question Arafat is the ringleader and calls the shots on the ground, which is why he is able to increase or decrease the terror attacks to suit his political purposes in the short term. On the other hand, should he ever decide he has had enough of the violence and murder of children, pressing for a real peace, he would be replaced very quickly by his masters. As a puppet of these 3 dictatorships, he does not have the option, even if he wanted to, of choosing genuine, peaceful relations with Israel.

Israel mistakenly believed that giving Arafat authority over the territories would provide him with a strong enough incentive for him to change his stripes, and break the hold over him the 3 powers held. Israel, the U.S. and Europe hoped he would see the noble steps ahead of him involved in building a new nation, choosing independence and leading the Palestinian people into the 21st century. This self-sacrificing notion was wishful thinking from the start, as it would have been literally self-sacrificial for Arafat, who as a trained and committed terrorist, was kept tightly in line by the powers above him. What rational representative, even if faced with a less than perfect treaty in Taba 2001, would simply walk away and resort to more violence? Why couldn't he just declare "I want more, let's keep talking"? This fact is something that must never be forgotten, but unfortunately, the media, particularly in Europe, has seemingly done just that.

Arafat relies on these 3 countries for his wealth, power and armaments, and knows that among his followers are those who would gladly take his place should he show any signs of weakness, i.e., real accommodation with the "other side." This important fact seems to have escaped many observers until recently, who have written him off as irrelevant, but for perceived incompetence or stupidity as opposed to motive.

The Israeli public and its present government believe he directs the terror strikes of his himself, and that he most desires to create an entirely Islamic Palestine for his people. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the last 20 years of history in the West Bank and Gaza proves. It was Israel who built power lines and water pipe infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza, not the PA. In fact, it is very hard to locate much of anything that shows an investment by Arafat into developing either an economy, court system, or functioning government.

Another fact quickly overlooked by the media was his failing to account for the massive aid provided by the various European and Arab nations, almost 5 billion euros, many of whom refused to provide any additional funds until he could prove where it was headed to.

Given the fact that he is merely a front for these 3 powers, pressing him to work towards peace is an absolute waste of time, as Colin Powell recently discovered. Watching the Europeans fall over themselves to accord Arafat a status of statesman and more importantly - decision-maker - is almost surreal, once this fact is internalized and accepted. Peace or War is simply not his decision to make, and never will be, so long as these 3 dictatorships exist, though I don't believe for a moment that he is uncomfortable in his role. As for the 1993 accord, it was allowed by the 3 powers for a simple reason; which was to provide him with the time to build forces equivalent to an Army, and then directed in an all-out strike. His increase from the Oslo-sanctioned 10,000 police to a 40,000-strong army was emblematic of his motives, as have the consistent attempts to smuggle in major weaponry. The recent Israeli incursions have come a bit too early for their plans, as perhaps another 2 years was needed to acquire the more powerful weapons needed to combat the superior IDF. The next time you hear someone say "Let's give Arafat one more chance to rein in the terrorists," smile and tell them they should be looking not to Ramallah, but to those who can actually address it, and they live in Riyadh, Teheran and Damascus.

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