Christian Action for Israel

Message of Solidarity from Christian Evangelical group, Watchmen for the Nations

The following is a voice-mail message I received (09/14/01) from Reverend David Demian, Director of the Canadian evangelical Christian group, Watchmen for the Nations. This is the group with whom we have established a good, warm as well as transparent relationship. Back in May-June it took over 500 people on a mission to Israel, and in November 2000, it honoured the Holocaust survivors of the St. Louis in Ottawa. I have since been in touch with David and thanked him for his kindness and heartfelt expressions of solidarity.
Hi Manuel. Good morning.

This is David Demian phoning from Vancouver... I just wanted to express my heart with you at this time. Just to say that we as a Church in Canada and all the leaders that I've been in touch with are fully standing with you at this time, and will not back out whatever the cost is to stand with you, and I believe that regardless of what they are going to say, there is a touch of what is happening in the States because of their stand and the fallout of the conference in South Africa.

But our commitment to you remains the same and we have issued a clear call to the Nation and called them to stand with you at this time. I believe that God is exposing the hearts of the terrorists so people can understand and realize that it's not just a fight between two people or groups but a demonic attack to destroy and I am glad that God is exposing that, but I am very sad and sorry for all the life that has been lost in that way.

But I want you to communicate back to the Congress that we are standing with you and that we will totally reiterate and communicate with you again the covenant of Ruth and Naomi in the book of Ruth, about your people are our people and that your God is our God.... Well, have a good day and anything you want let me know. Bless you and good bye.

Manuel Prutschi
National Director
Community Relations
Canadian Jewish Congress Tel: (416) 631-5673; Fax: (416) 635-1408
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