Anti-Semitism & Holocaust

The Friendship Circle: Jews and Christians together

by Sally M. Rogow and Laureen Moe - April 2003

The Friendship Circle is a group of Chrisrian and Jewish friends who have come together in response to the flood of misinformation, bias and anti-Israel propaganda. The Friendship Circle seeks to distribute accurate and factual information. In addition to biased reporting, the media is also ignoring the persecution of Christian people that is taking place in Arab countries. This is a community effort to provide accurate and fair information about Israel and its right to defend itself from suicide bombers and other forms of terrorism. It is beyond belief that children are being taught with Nazi materials and urged to become suicide bombers.

The Friendship Circle is deeply concerned about the rising tide of antisemitism that is seen in the defacing of synagogues, attacks on Jewish individuals, desecration of Jewish cemeteries that is taking place in Europe. Even in Canada, Jewish individuals have been attacked.

Antisemitism may begin with attacks on Jews but it does not stop there. Terrorists loathe everything Israel and the U.S. represents. Freedom, democracy and human rights are being jeopardized. Arafat is calling for the destruction of Israel...

The Friendship Circle is speaking out for the rights of Christians as well as Jews. Christian minorities face terror too. In Bethlehem Christian residents were attacked by armed militias,bandits and thugs..Yasser's Fatah took an active role. .

It is time for the Christian community to be heard in defense of Christian minorities in 68 countries. Indonesian Christians were threatened with a "bloody Christmas." In the Sudan,there is destruction of Christian villages, slaughter of their cattle, enslavement of children , murder, rape, mutilation , forced conversions, and en-slavement..

The Friendship Circle was organized with support from the Israel Action Committee of Greater Vancouver. It is a group of dedicated individuals willing and determined to combat hate. We meet regularly and are willing to meet with church groups to share information.

Send for a brochure. Get informed. Contact us for a speaker..............come to a

By Sally M. Rugow:

By Laureen Moe:

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