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March 2003         

Fight the Canard

By Berel Wein - March 13, 2003
Jews are behind America's plans to wage war against Iraq

A lengthy op-ed piece in last Saturday's New York Times by Bill Keller ran with the headline: "Is it good for the Jews?"

The thrust of the article was that even though the myth of a Jewish conspiracy directing American foreign policy is preposterous, it nevertheless exists, persists and is believed by hundreds of millions throughout the world - and by millions in the United States itself. The fact that the public opinion polls here in Israel show overwhelming support for President George W. Bush's willingness to disarm Iraq - even by war, only seems to reinforce this myth of Jewish conspiracy.

This is especially true, I think, because Israel is the only democratic country in the world where its citizens exhibit such overwhelming support for the Iraqi war. There are many reasons for this support here. Iraq is a sworn and bitter enemy of Israel. It has never made any armistice agreement with Israel, even as far as the 1948 War of Independence is concerned. It has attacked us whenever it could, most notably in the Yom Kippur War when it rushed to the side of Syria in the north and in the 1991 Gulf War when it rained 39 Scud missiles upon us.

Saddam Hussein actively supports all terrorist activities against Israel and Jews, and funds and rewards the families of suicide bombers. Sadaam conducts a regime of brutal terror and cruelty that is unequaled - even in comparison to what has transpired in this very bad neighborhood in which we live.

SO, THERE is no doubt that we would all be relieved and gratified to see him and his weapons of destruction go. But it is a long stretch of the imagination to see the insidious hand of a Jewish conspiratorial plot driving the US and the United Kingdom to war.

The conspiracy theory has haunted the Jewish people for the entire past century. The evil book, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion which has as its premise the existence of a world-wide Jewish plot that controls everything, was a product of the Czarist secret police in the Russia of the 1890s. It has remained immensely popular ever since.

When Henry Kissinger visited Saudi Arabia in 1974 to appeal for the lifting of the Arab oil embargo against the West after the Yom Kippur War, he was given a copy of the Protocols by his hosts and told to read it in order to understand the world's problems. Hitler, Stalin, the entire current Arab world and much of the Muslim world and anti-Semites everywhere generally used - and still use - this blasphemous work to justify the hating and killing of Jews.

Wall Street, the US government, Hollywood and the Western media, culture and values, have all become code words for the Jewish conspiracy believed by hundreds of millions of people around the globe. And this spells great and significant problems for Israel and the Jewish people.

The awareness of the presence of this widespread belief in the Jewish conspiracy theory throughout the world is unfortunately not lost on American foreign policy.

America will be faced with two basic choices after the end of the war against Iraq. It can attempt to disprove the Jewish conspiracy theory by adopting a basically anti-Israeli stance in its diplomacy in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This has been the classic State Department position over the decades. After all previous Middle East wars, Israel has been presented with a diplomatic and economic bill by the US. It is as though America feels forced to prove it is not controlled by a "Jewish-Israeli lobby" and therefore presses Israel for concessions. This only guarantees that the struggle will continue. It raises the hopes of the Palestinians that eventually they will drive us into the sea.

The other option, which is long-range and far more difficult to execute, is a campaign of education and propaganda if you will, to somehow disprove the myth of the Jewish conspiracy. There is a certain passivity in the Jewish world itself regarding this issue of the Jewish conspiracy. It is as though we secretly also accept such a ridiculous notion.

A concerted effort by all Jewish organizations as well as by the State of Israel to counter this myth would certainly be something that is good for the Jews. It would also be beneficial to the cause of peace and harmony everywhere in the world.

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