What's New? The UMJC (United Messianic Jewish Congregations) held a conference in Calgary May 17 - 19, 1996; speakers included Reb Cal Goldberg Upshaw, Rev. Hans Vanderwerff, Michael Terrett, and Alan Lazerte of "Canadian Friends ICEJ".

Alan and Rhonda Lazerte conducted an afternoon seminar entitled "Understanding the Vision of the ICEJ". The final evening Alan Lazerte spoke on the subject "The Prophetic Significance of Jerusalem"; focusing on the coming struggle for Jerusalem as signalled by the Prophets, and confirmed by the declared U.N. position against Israel's claim, and Islam's belated claim to priority.

The session was recorded, and the cassette tape entitled: "PRETENDERS TO THE THRONE OF DAVID" is available by mail.

Three presentations were made in Edmonton including an "Operation Esther" meeting, message entitled "Whose Jerusalem?" (contact Cora Brisebois 403-478-9272 for information on future events), a Sunday message to the Pentecostal Temple Slavic Church of Rev. M. Brandebura, entitled "Antisemitism Blocks the Blessing of God", and a final evening message at Victory Church on the Rock (message: "God's Love for Israel & Christianity's Great Omission". )

All 5 tapes available from CFICEJ, Oakville
by mail @ $7.00/cassette

Calgary Events:

Edmonton Events:

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