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November 2001         

Verbal Terrorism

Christian Action for Israel Commentary

Having read the October 22, 2001 article entitled "If it's terrorists we're after, let's start hunting in Jerusalem" from THE REPORT magazine in Western Canada, we comment as follows:
1) This hate-inspired "Essay" maligning Israels re-creation and success is an outstanding example of how traditional anti-semitism has put on a new and more acceptable mask: "anti-Israel" and/or "anti-Zionist". This particular article ranks among the worst that we have encountered in monitoring and participating for some twenty years in Christian-Jewish relations and dialogue, literally around the world.. For the article to have appeared in a usually rational Alberta small "c" conservative magazine (and, as I am told, written by a Jewish author) is to say the least an odd twist.

2) Modern Israel was created under International Law by the UN "Resolution For The Partition of Palestine" advocating two States: Israel and Palestine. The Jewish survivors of the Holocaust era (believing that "half a loaf is better than none") accepted. The Arabs refused. Had the Arabs accepted too, their Paletinian State would now be celebrating it's fifty-fourth anniversary.

3) The allegation of attempted "total ethnic cleansing" is an outright fabrication. Israel to her present detriment extended Israeli citizenship to some 750,000 Arabs resident within; which have now become more than 1,500,000 due to their birthrate which is higher than Israelis per family.

4) More recently, had Arafat accepted Prime Minister Barak's final Camp Davis Plan there would, once again, already be a Palestinian State. Arafat's rejection finally revealed his true intentions: the deligitamization and dismemberment of the Jewish homeland..

5) Objective history will ultimately record that the major fault rests upon the Arab leadership for repeatedly making wrong decisions, and then decades later trying to recycle history and turn back the clock; as demonstrated by Arafat's year 2000 campaign to return to the 1947 UN Plan . Poor timing !

6) Having failed to hijack history, the Arabs have turned to rewriting history. This "revisionist" so-called history is pure fiction, asserting that Jews have no historical claim to the land, or any part of it; even making the laughable assertion that there never was a Jewish presence or Jewish worship on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

7) Considering the three monotheistic faiths, Judaism (4000 years+), Christianity (2000 years), and Islam (1300 years) reminds one of the "sibling analogy" in family relationships, whereby the elder brother "Christianity", and now the younger brother "Islam" attempt to extinguish the Parental status.

8) The only suitable alternative to this strife between the descendants of Abraham, will be a "Peace" which will only become possible when both sides learn the meaning of the word "compromise". Israel has repeatedly proven it's willingness to make painful compromises; whereas the Palestinian leaders have apparently yet to learn the meaning of the word, let alone bring it to the negotiating table.

Alan C. Lazerte - Christian Action for Israel

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