Whose Jerusalem ?

Whose Jerusalem ?

Whose Land ?

The Spiritual Centre in the Old City has been Found

An Especially Urgent Call for Donations to Buy the Building

After a long search for a suitable building in the Old City close to the Temple Mount which will be used as the spiritual centre for the Temple Mount Faithful, one has been found.

The building is beyond anything that we could imagine. The building is very close to the Temple Mount, and what is even more important, is that the view from the roof of the building is a godly view. The building is located on a hill in the heart of the Old City higher than the Temple Mount and the view for the roof is as if one had the Temple Mount and temple in one’s hands. A person can feel and almost see the gate to heaven above it. From the roof the Mount of Olives, the Western Wall and Mt. Scopus can be seen as well as a panoramic view of almost all the Old City of Jerusalem. The presence of G–d can be felt so strongly all over this building. It is as with all the Biblical history appears to the eyes and heart on the place which is the heart, soul and focus of G–d and all Israel and all the earth. The view from the roof is very moving and breathtaking.

When we went to the building for the first time, the godly inspiring view broke our hearts and we started to weep. We immediately felt that this was the building of which G–d had spoken to my heart years ago to dedicated to be the spiritual centre of the Faithful Movement. The beautiful building is 500 years old and when one walks to the building it is through the narrow old streets of the Old City. These streets have the same design as the streets where our forefathers walked. One feels like one is back in the Biblical times.

On the roof there are a few small domes and there is enough space for groups to stand there to be moved and inspired and to pray toward the hill of G–d and the location of the temple which is so close at hand. This is exactly what we have wanted for many years. There is also a small garden on the roof and a place where groups could be addressed. The building is built exactly as they were in Biblical times with arches and domed ceilings. The atmosphere is so special and will not be found anywhere else.

The building itself is not large but the spirit and its atmosphere makes it huge. If, G–d willing, we will be able to buy this building, changes will have to be made to make it more suitable to its purpose.

There is only one problem with this building and that is the cost. The asking price price is at $1,500,000. However, we believe that an offer of $1,000,000 would be accepted. Besides the purchase price, the cost of the alterations will also have to be covered. Obviously this is no small sum but such a place and godly view cannot be measured in monetary terms. Even with unlimited funds such a place cannot be bought anywhere else in the world. We have decided to make every effort to buy this house. Over the last years we have tried to save towards this purpose but what we have saved is still far below what will be required and especially because what we have saved is also earmarked for other needs for the Third Temple and our campaign.

We are sending out an urgent call from Jerusalem to all of our friends and everyone in the world to urgently donate for this holy, godly purpose and to raise as soon as possible the funds required for this purpose and to send them to us in Jerusalem. Donations can be made in cheques, money orders or cash in all major currencies and should be made payable to the Temple Mount Faithful Movement. All donors will have their names displayed in the building, and also written forever in the G–d’s book as being those who helped and have a part in the building which will be a bridge to the Temple Mount and for the rebuilding of the house of G–d on Mt. Moriah. Donations can be sent to our postal address at; P.O. Box 18325, Jerusalem 91182, ISRAEL.

Time is short and we feel and know that very soon the godly end-time revolution will take place and the Third Temple will be built again together with your help and encouragement. We feel that the move of the Temple Mount Faithful Movement to this new building is the expectation of G–d and a very important step towards the fulfilment of our great godly dream and campaign - the rebuilding of the temple.

Even when the temple is rebuilt, this centre will still have an important function in the pilgrimage to and worship on the Temple Mount. The centre will not only be an Israeli centre but a centre for all the world. This will be a spiritual, educational and research centre to where people from Israel and all over the world on their way to the Temple Mount to be guided and taught about the temple and the hill of G–d to where they are going to worship. It will also be a centre for the activities of Faithful Movement and a place where all the vessels, garments and other items for the Third Temple can be displayed. It will also be used as a museum of the historical campaign for the rebuilding of the temple. This will be a place for prayer and inspiration.

We all remember how people donated so generously for the building of the Tabernacle and First and Second Temples. Thanks to their offerings the house of G–d could be built. The donation for this centre will be donations for a very important and close step for this major cause of all times - the rebuilding of the temple. Your donations are urgently required because if we do not buy the house now we shall lose this golden opportunity. We are sure that it can be done. Please open your hearts to assist us to fulfil this common dream of all of us. It is so needed at this exciting and critical time. Thank you so much. May the G–d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless all of you richly.

Temple Mount Faithful

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