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The United Nations and Israel

How the U.N. Betrays Israel

By Shoshana McCrimmon - April 6, 2002

Last week Yasser Arafat's own Fatah claimed responsibility, prior to the Passover Massacres, for the deliberate targeting and murder of two United Nations observers in Hebron. Evidence has also been found which links funding for these suicide bombings directly to Arafat's office.

Yet the United Nations continues to support Arafat's terrorist regime in its statements and resolutions to the world, fearing a retreat from a failed policy of appeasement to protect the world economy from oil embargo. We see from its record that, indeed, the United Nations has done nothing to stop the fomentation of terrorism among the Palestinians, and in many cases has actively aided and abetted it.

For instance, the terror groups in the Palestinian territories have concentrated their headquarters and training facilities inside United Nations refugee camps. Placing militants among a civilian population is a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions, yet the U.N. has continued its aid to the camps without condition. Hypocritically, the U.N. has denounced Israeli activity to rout the terror groups in these camps, passing two Security Council resolutions in as many weeks demanding Israeli withdrawal. And while the Israeli operation "Protective Wall" is the only deal in town which has managed to halt the suicide bombings, the U.N. has taken no action against the terror groups it openly admits are inside its camps.

The United Nations provides education to the Palestinian population that teaches children they should be suicide bombers in Jerusalem. The same U.N.-provided education teaches children that the Jews are murderers, that thieves are coming to rape their mothers and that they should therefore become holy martyrs and receive 72 virgins in paradise, the highest Islamist honor.

The United Nations has also allowed the disbursement of over $10 million from the oil-for-food program by Saddam Hussein to the families of suicide bombers, while Iraqi children die of starvation and curable disease. The disbursements, set today at $25,000 per family, serve only to promote terrorism and validate a gross human rights abuse as acceptable to the civilized world.

In recent months, the United Nations peacekeepers deployed along the Lebanese-Israeli border have sat idly by as the Hezbollah terror organization deployed over 2,000 Katyusha rocket batteries, pointed at Israeli population centers. This week, some of these rockets were fired, drawing an Israeli response that could lead the entire region into war.

This inaction is merely the most recent of former U.N. peacekeeping failures along the Lebanese border. Last year, Hezbollah terrorists kidnapped three Israeli soldiers using U.N. uniforms and vehicles. U.N. peacekeepers videotaped the incident but did nothing to stop it. Further, the United Nations then concealed the evidence of the crime. The U.N. continues even today to disallow the Israelis full access to the physical evidence, a willful and deliberate obstruction of an investigation into a clear violation of the international law the United Nations is chartered to create and uphold.

The United Nations continues to advocate and support the gross human rights violations perpetrated by the Arab nations, who have continued the incarceration of their brethren in impoverished refugee camps for over half a century. Through its unprecedented policy, it inflated the refugee rolls by as much as 30 percent by allowing people who had lived in the land for as little as two years to register as refugees, "in order to prevent widespread famine." The U.N. also allowed, according to its own figures, 68 percent of the displaced persons to register as refugees, even though they voluntarily left their residence or property, "having never seen a Jewish soldier." The U.N. also openly admitted that only 15 percent of those registered between 1948-50 were even landowners.

The former King Hussein of Jordan declared to the Associated Press in 1960 that the Arab League's use of the refugees as a political pawn was a terrible crime, calling for a reversal of the policy. Yet the United Nations teaches the Palestinians they should have a "right of return" to Israel, failing to spread awareness that Palestinians already have a "right of return," encoded in international and Jordanian law, to the 76 percent of biblical Palestine which is east of the Jordan River.

In the meantime, the United Nations has ignored the rights of over 1 million Arab Jewish refugees, who were expelled from the Arab lands they had lived in for centuries until 1948. The nascent state of Israel immediately absorbed over 800,000 members of this refugee group, and no U.N. resolution has ever been passed calling for their repatriation or compensation, despite the size of a Jewish refugee group being twice that of the "Palestinian refugees."

The United Nations has used its reputation to validate the interests of a known terrorist, Yasser Arafat, who has openly stated in Arabic through the decades that any overtures of peace he makes are simply a stepping stone to the destruction of the world's only Jewish nation.

Arafat has been allowed to freely enter and depart the United States despite recorded evidence he ordered the murder of U.S. diplomats in the Sudan and compelling evidence he was involved in the Beirut barracks bombing which killed over 100 U.S. Marines, not to mention the airline hijackings of the 1980s. More recently, Arafat's own Fatah has claimed responsibility for over half of the terror attacks against Israel this past month, which have killed over 120 Jews and injured hundreds more.

These actions have been taken by groups directly under Arafat's control, despite Arafat's alleged participation in ceasefire negotiations hosted by the United States. The last time a leader entered into negotiations while preparing for war, over 3,000 soldiers lost their lives at Pearl Harbor.

The United Nations has validated through its charter the legality of the results of the League of Nations' San Remo conference of 1920, which established mandates for sovereign Arab nations from Syria and Iraq to Saudi Arabia and also established in its ancestral homeland – where its people have maintained a majorative presence throughout the centuries (confirmed in Ottoman and British census of the land) – the restoration of the world's only Jewish nation.

The United Nations has, from its own records, done nothing to prevent terrorism from fomenting in the disputed territories. The U.N. has not demanded that Arafat, the only person Palestinian election law allows, call for future democratic elections. The U.N. has used its reputation and its money to validate Arafat as a legitimate force in the region, despite Arafat's use of terrorism against Israeli civilians and blatant violations of the Geneva Conventions through the placement and tolerance of terrorist groups among his own civilian population. Through funding of schools and refugee camps, without condition, the United Nations has directly aided and abetted educating an entire population to terrorism and should be held directly responsible for the situation in the Middle East.

Shoshana McCrimmon is the former News Director of CNN-Watch Inc. Her website is Mythbusting the Mideast.

©2002 WorldNetDaily.com

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