Whose Jerusalem ?

Whose Jerusalem ?

Whose Land ?

The Bible & The Solution To The Current Battle For Jerusalem

by Ovadyah Avrahami

In the current "Battle for Jerusalem" by various opposing interests, any claim on this ancient City which is not in line with the Creator G-d's Purpose for this City, as defined in the Bible, will amount to no less than a Declaration of War on G-d, in a vein bid and in the hope that His Purpose can be blocked! If there is a Creator G-d, then, according to the Bible (His Word), He is the G-d of Israel, with whom He has a Divine Covenant - a Promise sealed by Divine Oath.

According to this Oath, Jerusalem would be re-built by the returning Jews, after their universal dispersion, in preparation for the New World Kingdom to be established by G-d Almighty in Jerusalem for the benefit of all nations - a Kingdom of PEACE - a Universal Kingdom! Any power claiming alternative rights over Jerusalem, is therefore challenging Almighty G-d and His Plan for Jerusalem - a Confrontation that will culminate in the Final World War of Gog and Magog (the War of Armageddon) as foretold, 3000 years in advance, in the Bible!

There are several greatly diverse and opposing forces in this latter day "Battle for Jerusalem".

Firstly, the returning Jews, currently numbering almost 6 million, claiming Jerusalem as the "eternal indivisible Capital of the Jews", backed by another few million Jews still living in the Diaspora, but praying daily for Jerusalem, their eternal Divinely mandated Inheritance. The Jews are supported in this Claim by many millions of Christians around the world, and especially by ever growing numbers of individual Bible researchers, who are daily joining a tidal wave of ‘believers’ who claim to be the remnant of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. These are part of a ‘non-aligned’ Movement of individuals and small religious groups across the globe, known as the Hebraic Roots Restoration Movement, numbering many millions. The evolving of this Movement is accepted by more and more religious leaders, both Jewish and Christian, as the miraculous fulfillment of yet another Bible Prophecy regarding the Divine Purpose for Jerusalem (Ezek. 37:15)

Secondly, the local Palestinians under the leadership of Yasser Arafat who claim the Land and Jerusalem as their Capital.

Thirdly, Israel's surrounding Arab neighbours (Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt), who, with several North African nations (like Libya, Sudan) support the Palestinian claim on Jerusalem, although these Arab nations are greatly divided amongst themselves.

Fourthly, International Arab and Muslim factions, some backing the Palestinians, claiming Jerusalem as a Muslim religious City of high importance (though 3rd after Mecca and Medina).

Fifthly, Roman Catholicism, to which the successful establishment of a Jewish State threatens the validity of their declared theology, which does not allow for a physical modern State of Israel - the ancient State having been dissolved "as punishment for having crucified Jesus". The Pope promotes the idea of an Internationalised Jerusalem, "Capital of 2 nations and 3 Religions."

Sixthly, the United Nations, claiming international status for Jerusalem under Resolution 181(II), which was passed by the General Assembly in 1947 following the Return of the Jewish population to their ancient Homeland after they had been ravaged by Hitler's genocide in Europe.

Although most nations do not specifically claim any right to Jerusalem, they do deny the sole right of the Jews to this City and thereby, unwittingly, support the cause of Jerusalem's declared non-Jewish pretenders and claimants. On 1 Dec 1999, a UN Resolution was adopted by 139 votes in favour, to 1 against, (the vote of Israel itself), with 3 abstentions (Swaziland, United States and Uzbekistan), that Israel's imposition of its own laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem is illegal, null and void.

The Hebrew prophets, citizens of ancient Israel, whose Prophecies were recorded in the Bible, seem to have had amazing insight into the future. Many of their other predictions regarding the future of that controversial race, the Jews, have since become facts of history.

The last 50 years, under the rule of Jerusalem's returning ancient owners, have witnessed the amazing and certainly miraculous fulfillment of yet another main theme of these ancient Hebrew Prophets: the rebuilding of Jerusalem on its ancient ruins, after it has served out its prophetically pre-destined period of desolation determined on it by Divine Retribution. As Israel celebrated its 50 years of modern existence in 1998, it boasted a modern, tree-lined, flowering Jerusalem which draws millions of world tourists annually. The country of Israel has raised itself in just 50 years, from an unproductive, third-world country to the top ranks of the world's technological, medical, military, educational and agricultural achievers. Hardly an hour passes, that the current affairs of Israel and Jerusalem are not mentioned amongst the headlines of the news media of the world!

Certainly, amazing insight for the Bible to have predicted, millennia in advance, that Jerusalem would be rebuilt by the very same nation, the Jews, who would be regathered from across the whole earth where they have been dispersed for 2000 years, and led back to the “soil of their forefathers”.

Again, it requires a library to contain all the books, which authenticate the historical facts of this nation which has been miraculously preserved through the amazingly long span of 2000 years, outside of their own country, Israel. It defies the imagination, how that a nation, which has been dispersed throughout the ends of the earth, strewn amongst all nations who were generally hostile to them (the Jews), not only survived such a long period, but could emerge on the opposite side, basically with the same culture and religion! This notwithstanding the fact that there was hardly any communication between them in the various regions of the world (during the dark ages before the modern technological age) - travel was burdensome and public radio and telecommunications were non-existent until this 20th century. Also in spite of the fact that, throughout these many years, wherever they lived, they were generally haunted and persecuted for what they were: Jews.

Although Jerusalem is not mentioned even once in the Quran, and is regarded by Islam as only the third most holy city in the world, it now has become the envy also of Islam. Islam currently holds the religious rights to the ancient religious nucleus of Jerusalem, the heart and soul of Jerusalem, namely the Temple Mount, where currently the Muslim "Dome of the Rock" stands. The Muslims erected this structure in the 6th century on the exact building site where the first and second ancient Jewish Temples stood, and where Jesus Christ, the Jew who became the ‘Christian’ Messiah, overturned the tables of the traders.

Islam fears, and is easily aroused by rumors, true or false, that the Jews want to build their 3rd Temple, on the same site, in the near future. An international campaign has been launched by the Palestinians, supported by many Christian denominations, denying that there is any archeological proof whatsoever, that the Jews have any historic right to Jerusalem and the Holy Temple Mount. To the right, there is the claim of Zionistic Judaism to "the undeniable eternal right of the Jews to a Jerusalem undivided". To the left, there are the Christian claims, spearheaded by the Roman Catholic Pope's vision of "a Jerusalem of Peace - one capital of two nations and three religions" and internationalisation of Jerusalem which is posed by him as a solution.

No other city in the world could arouse such universal yet diversified animosity and intrigue. What is renowned to be "G-d's Holy City of Peace", is now turning out to be a ticking Time Bomb of international strife - exactly as prophesied in the Bible, 3000 years in advance.

Surely, if religion forms such a major part of this contentious issue, then one should take note of what the most authentic Source Writings, the Bible, has to say on the matter?

The Arab Israel Conflict is rooted in a Divine Mandate, Biblically recorded, almost 4000 years ago. This mandate entailed a Divine Promise to Abraham, (patriarch of both the Arabs and the Israelites) of inheriting the Land of Israel, "for the Blessing of all nations" (Gen. 12:3; 18:18; 22:18; 26:4). According to the Bible record, this Divine Mandate of Inheritance of the Land of Israel, proceeded from Abraham, through his son Isaac, to his son Jacob, who became the father of twelve sons from whom descended the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The current conflict over Jerusalem and the Land, intensifies because the Arab nations descend from the same patriarch, Abraham! Their line of descent though, parted from the Divine Hereditary Right of Inheritance of the physical Land, even one generation earlier, through Ishmael, brother of Isaac, the father of Jacob. (Genesis chapters 12 - 30).

Who dare to question this Divine Decision?

The Bible is clear and emphatic, that G-d intends to establish Jerusalem as earthly Headquarters for His future World Empire. From here He will reign over the world, having established a Dispensation of Peace, which mankind, in all the time allotted to them, failed to establish.

If G-d then is the Sovereign Owner of the world as Creator thereof, if it behoved Him to take the Land from the Canaanites and give it to the nation of Israel; if He decided, 2000 years ago, to banish the whole nation of Israel from the Land into universal exile; if He took a Divine Oath to regather this dispersed nation (the Jews) from the four corners of the earth; if He fulfills this Promise in miraculous fashion and brings them back to rebuild Jerusalem and make the deserts bloom, as the world has witnessed over the last 50 years and as He has foretold in writing through His Prophets 3000 years in advance; and if, on their return, He returns territory to them in equally miraculous fashion in three Wars of self-defense; who then would dare to question it? Who will have the authority to reclaim the conquered territories of the Promised Land? Who will have the authority to exhort Israel to return these Territories to anyone else than Israel itself?

Clearly, no one has the authority to return Divinely ordained Territory for a 'promise' of Peace by the enemies of Israel - not the USA, not the UN, neither the President or Prime Minister of Israel or any other political contender.

Clearly, Divinely ordained Territory cannot be negotiable!

Those who are conducting the battle against G-d's Plan's for Jerusalem and who side with those who wish to destroy Israel; those who are pressurising Israel to return territory in pursuit of a vague promise of 'Peace', have not learned anything from the historical experience of the world. They fail to recognise that of the major powers, even world empires of the past, which tried to destroy Israel and take the Land away from them, many have disappeared from the face of the earth (like Babylon and Rome) and suffered severe punishment! In the same Divine Promise to Abraham regarding the inheritance of the Land, G-d also repeatedly and simultaneously issued the Divine Warning that He would "bless those who bless Israel and Jerusalem and curse those who curse them." (Gen. 12:3; Zech 2:8 etc).

According to G-d's Decree, during all 19 centuries of Israel's banishment from the Land, not one of the multitude of nations that ruled the Land during this long period, managed to put down successful roots in this Land. What they did manage, was to totally destroy the Land and make it desolate, again, exactly in accordance with G-d's proclaimed Plan through the Biblical Prophecies - Scriptures which have been left intact to this day as a Testimony to His Sovereignty. The Land waited, according to Divine Decree for the Return of its rightful heirs! And within 50 years of this miraculous Return, Israel has become a leader amongst nations in many advanced fields – and the deserts bloom in Israel! Do world leaders never learn?

(Psalm 83.1-8)

"O G-d, do not remain quiet; do not be silent and, O G-d, do not be still. For, behold, Thine enemies make an uproar; and those who hate Thee have exalted themselves. They make shrewd plans against Thy people, and conspire together against Thy treasured ones. They have said, 'Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.'

For they have conspired together with one mind; against Thee do they make a covenant: the tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites; Moab, and the Hagrites; Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre; Assyria also has joined with them; they have become a help to the children of Lot"

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