July/August 2000


By David Basch
"Thom [Friedman] is another of the careerest Jews who are part of the CIA stable of clandestine agents. He again uses his power of persuasion to push for Jewish support for Arafat's second stage for the destruction of Israel."

"Unlike Israeli leaders who play to the short-sighted democratic politics of their nation, Arafat will not agree to anything that strengthens Israel. So, ... if there is not to be a clash, it is Israel that must do the surrendering, as always."

When an Israeli government can't seem to fathom what even adolescent Israelis can readily comprehend, it becomes evident that Israel's problems do not stem from a lack of knowledge or sophistication. The frustrating part of writing to Jewish bulletin boards (as I do) and giving these warnings about coming disasters with the Arab "peace" partners is that the warnings consistently fall on deaf Israeli ears. It is like trying to train a cat to obey the voice commands that dogs so readily take to. The latter feat is impossible since cats are not like dogs. Similarly, the leftist governments of Israel and leaders in the mold of the leftists are not the kinds that can listen to warnings since they have been programmed to not hear, or more exactly, to hear differently.

What is it that such Israeli leftists are programmed to hear? And why are such leftists particularly prone to such programming? Ecclesiastes -- whom Thom Friedman quotes today (7/4/00) in the NY Pravda Times -- gives a clue to what is at issue. Says Ecclesiastes (7:16),

Be not righteous over much; neither make thyself over wise: why shouldest thou destroy thyself ?

Behind the advice of Ecclesiastes lies the image of the arrogant moralistic person, the one who thinks he is more moral than others and therefore has the right to impose his ways, his noble ends justifying all the evils he must indulge in to reach them. Generations of the dream of Jewish socialism has led to class of Jews who earnestly and fanatically believe that the lofty theories of universalist socialism will lead to a messianic era.

Of course, the world now has practical experience with these wonderful theories. They turn out to be as unworkable as they are lofty. The reason for this failure is the same one as why the cat connot receive the commands of his master's voice. The cat is simply not such an animal that can follow a master's voice and the character of human beings within the societies that attempt to impose the universalistic socialist theories are inimical to allowing them to succeed. An old story is illustrative about this. It is what is reputed to happen when a Russian farmer demonstrates to his neighbors that they can make extra money by also raising a goat as he does. The result is that the others kill his goat. In too many societies, a significant number of individuals are characterlogically misshapen to be greedy, lascivious, and hate ridden. This is a number sufficient to divert the path of the utopian dreamers who must resort to coercion to get their way, setting up new conditions that pervert the final goals. But all this lies beyond the calculus of the "righteous over much" and the "over wise" -- characterlogical flaws that lead to the sure destruction of their enterprises, even if the Bible's Ecclesiastes predicted it would do so.

As a result of a Jewish leadership warped by its characterlogical flaws, the society prefers the "best" kind of peace with enemies, one in which the enemies are won over and oame to love them. What such "over righteous" could not conceive is that the Arab enemy has been molded characterlogically to reject all such Jewish overtures that would thwart the demands of Islam.

Therefore, while the Jewish dreamers rescued their enemies, these enemies failed neither to be won over nor to be grateful. The Jewish dreamers had carried their enemies from exile in Tunisia that the earlier sacrifices of the lives of Jewish soldiers had brought about and planted these enemies in enclaves in which they could set up worisome military bases. In doing so, the overrighteous Jewish leadership accepted the enemy's propaganda that the congeries of Arab speakers, persons drawn from a wide circle of outside lands, many of which coming in more recent years, were indeed a "people" called "Palestinians" and that they had the sovereign right to Jewish lands. Only a super, over righteous people -- not good characteristics since this is pathological -- could accept such a doctrine of surrendered national rights that is regularly dismissed globally. Elsewhere these are "rights" that only a successful war can bring about. But, with the imagined eyes of the world upon Israeli leaders, the latter wished to demonstrate a super morality that would show off themselves as of the most admirable.

Of course, those self-interested outside cheering nations, who played along with this game, included the US which had established an elaborate network of clandestine agents and moralistically prone supporters in the media and universities persons who would create news stories, articles, books, and movies, both documentary and fictional, to support the lunacy of Israeli leaders as cheerleaders. To this day, Jews cannot see that these sanctimonious organizations, like Pieces Now, Be'Tzel Chelm, Super-Colossal-Justice in The Middle East, etc, etc, were CIA inspired -- or whatever name today's versions of such Natonal Secret Security Agencies are called today.

The flawed "over righteousness" of Jewish ethnics made these scams seem plausible and inviting of their own participation. I am sure persons like Henry Siegman, who mouths US pieties concerning Israeli surrender (referred to as high statesmanship) thinks that he was appointed to the Council on Foreign Relations because of his sterling intellectual qualities and not because he is a Quisling, a shill for US efforts to have Israel weaken herself, destroy her traditional roots, and to be placed at the mercy of US policy in the Middle East. Henry was appointed as their Project Coordinator to make his voice more persuasive to liberal US Jews. If Henry was not ruled by his fanatic desire for honor and prestige, it was surely his penchant for the universalist type of pseudo morality to which Jews are prone that got him on board this US scam.

This also explains the thrust of efforts to place non Orthodox religious institutions within the fabric of Israel. Such institutions would not have the zeal of the Orthodox to preserve the ancient heritage. With such religious denominations, the watering down of traditional Jewish rights to their historic land and capital is easily accomplished since these "religious" modes have demonstrated their lack of religiosity, let alone ties to the ancient Jewish lands. To them, there is no such thing as Shakespeare's prayers devine,

I must each day say over the very same, Counting no old thing old,...
The sorry reduction of their "religious precepts" to Democratic Party National Platforms make these kinds of Jews most pliable by Israel's enemies who seek a divided Jerusalem and an indefensible Israeli land. Such newer "religious" movements even seek to diabolically mobilize feminine hysteria to the effort of penetrating Israeli society, as though persons whose highest aspirations are a sexless world deserve to be given a seat in determining the content of religious practices.

Anyway, I got on to these thoughts today when I read Thom Friedman's article in the Pravda-Times. Thom is another of the careerest Jews that are part of the CIA stable of clandestine agents. Once again, he uses his power of persuasion to push for Jewish support for Arafat's second stage for the destruction of Israel, called "a final phase agreement." That he uses the sacred 4th of July for this message shows how important Israel's surrender is to the US. As I noted, an adolescent can readily see that even the worst of deals that Barak gives Arafat further legitimizes Arafat and his would be-robbers of the Jewish patrimony in the Jewish land. It is obvious that whatever Arafat signs on to, the Arab war to recover all "Islamic lands" will continue. It is the nature of the Muslim-Arab beast, as is deafness to a master is the nature of the cat."

Unlike Israeli leaders who play to the short-sighted democratic politics of their nation, Arafat will not agree to anything that strengthens Israel. So, in the end, if there is not to be a clash, it is Israel that must do the surrendering as always. This will ever be the situation so as long as Barak is Prime Minister, a man warped by socialist, universalist mythologies, and the country insists on placing its trust in leftist leaderships that are proven failures in safeguarding the Jewish nation.

David Basch ia an architect and city planner in New York as well as the Freeman Center's political philosopher.
Source: Freeman Center for Strategic Studies
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