BAR-ILLAN INTERVIEW - 12 August 1997

IMRA interviewed David Bar-Illan, senior advisor to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Director of the Policy Planning & Communications Office of the Prime Minister, in English, on August 12th. The entire interview follows:

IMRA: Cabinet Secretary Danny Naveh says that Israel won't accept "turnstile arrests" by the Palestinian Authority (PA). If the PA starts arresting people today how or when will you know that these are not "turnstile arrests" and they won't be released in the near future?

Bar-Illan: It is a difficult problem. And that is why we want to wait a while before making judgment.

There are two items which are irreversible: extradition or rather "handing over" and the abolition of the Palestinian Covenant. These are two things in the Ross Note for the Record and are almost irreversible. It would be hard to imagine them reinstating the articles of the Covenant .

There are other things listed and I won't divulge them all and they aren't irreversible - not subject to turnstiles. But their willingness to do them would indicate a willingness to change. For example, a total stoppage in the broadcast of inciteful material on PA television and radio would show a change. This has never been required in no uncertain terms by either the previous administrations or this one.

IMRA: If the PA does these other things would that be a necessary or sufficient condition for Israel to be ready to move on?
Bar-Illan: We have a sliding scale which includes numerous things which would indicate the direction of the PA.

You are right in saying that none of them are irreversible but there is something in doing them which would signal to the Palestinian people that there is a change in direction.

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