July/August 2000

Barak Surrenders The Nation Of Israel


Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator
July 22, 2000

Barak, Beilin and Clinton offer one concession after another. Each time Arafat refuses Barak's generous offer, Barak and his hand-wringers offer their next concession. Barak has shown that he was is no longer the courageous general he was so honored for.

Barak was easily bought by Clinton and he is paying off that debt. Illegal monies from abroad were accepted by Barak's front bag men. Attorney General Elaykim Rubenstein has been exceptionally quiet as has been the Leftist media about Barak's dirty white collar crime. Of course, the press was not similarly silent about the relatively trivial gifts Binyamin Netanyahu was accused to taking to his home upon leaving office.

Barak has surrendered in a way that not only allows his personal cowardice to surface, but he does so in the name of the State of Israel. Like Clinton who does not consult Congress as representative of the American people, so too, Barak refuses to acknowledge or consult with the Knesset or to hold a meaningful Citizens' Referendum.

Here is the quintessential dictator, who would fit very well in any Arab country. I take that back. No Arab leader would appear so craven in front of the world. The Arabs at least have pride in their heritage and their religion where Barak and his Leftists have none.

The sham meeting at Camp David is an embarrassment as Barak gives up everything and pretends strength by not using the world "sovereignty": when he actually gives up half of Jerusalem.

There is a time for anger or as the Leftists call it: "incitement" whenever their foolish plans are challenged. How sad, when a once admired nation, who fought back as many as seven Arab armies in six wars ends up with a sniveling, smirking general who only knows how to smile a superior smirk even as he grovels like any slave in front of Pharaoh.

There is a time for honorable incitement and to point the finger of accusation at a man who, without approval of the nation, has on his own, given away the Land he never owned.

If Josephus was a traitor, Barak is no less as he delivers his people into the hands of today's most dedicated enemy of the Jewish people and the Jewish State.

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