March/April 1996


by Alan C. Lazerte B.A.,LL.B.
Executive Director, Canadian Friends, ICEJ

Romans 13:11. - - "knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep, for now is our salvation nearer. - the day is at hand."

Psalm 90:12...."So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom"

Daniel Chapter 7 contains a description of the fourth world "beast" that will end the age of the gentiles in attempting to "devour the whole earth"; an attempt that is cut short only by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ; which coming will include the judgement of the ungodly.

Joel Chapter 3 describes that judgement against the nations, detailing the time (in verse 1), and the reason (verse 2): "for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land".

In 1947, suffering from holocaust guilt, the nations through the UN passed a Resolution entitled "The Resolution for the Partition of Palestine" declaring the right of the Jewish people to once again have a homeland. This was followed in May, 1948 by Israel once again declaring themselves to be a modern state.

Harry Truman, President of the United States, unexpectedly announced that the USA would recognize such an Israel; and to international surprise even the USSR supported the Resolution. Truman, of staunch Methodist background, knew his history and the Bible; and later referred to himself jokingly (?) as being the "modern Cyrus" who had also allowed the Jewish Return.

These events sent, and are still sending shock waves throughout the world, including Christendom

which had theologically abandoned the Jewish people and nation to oblivion; the proverbial, "wandering Jew".

Christian theology, though in shock, began to slowly change it's attitude towards God's Chosen People, as revealed in the 1963 Vatican 11 declaration; and in the 1980 declaration of the Gennan Rheinland Synod of the Evangelical Church, which stated:

"The provincial Synod accepts the historical necessity of attaining a new relationship of the Church to the Jewish people.

The Church is brought to this by.-

a) The recognition of Christian co-responsibility and guilt for the Holocaust...

b) The new biblical insights concerning the continuing significance of the Jewish people for salvation history (e.g. Rom. 9-11), which have been attained in connection with the Church Struggle.

c) The insight that the continuing existence of the Jewish people, its return to the land of Promise, and also the creation of the State of lsrael are signs of the faithfulness of God toward God’s people.."

Israel is today facing destruction from another holocaust perpetrator; Islam, which claims that Ishmael, not Isaac, is the Child of Abraham's promise. As bad as that is the anti-Zionist have also taken over in the United Nations; and they have been unceasingly accusatory and belligerent toward modern Israel:

Firstly UN Resolution 242 condemned Israel for it's territorial gains during the 1967 Six Day war, insisting to this day that Israel withdraw to the "Green Line" of the 1949 armistice agreement, which ended the 1948 War of Independence. But of all the Arab States, only Egypt has turned that armistice into a Peace Treaty with Israel. The PLO Covenant which Arafat has not amended was in fact passed in 1964; so the Israel which the PLO is dedicated to destroy is Israel within the green line!

Secondly, In Egypt's 1957 invasion the UN Peace troops including Canadians stationed in the Sinai between Egypt and Israel, withdrew immediately at Nasser's request, leaving Israel apparently defenceless.

Thirdly, The UN, while never doing anything to resolve the problem, has always opposed Israel "occupying" Judea & Samaria (the West Bank".. including Jericho, Bethlehem etc.), the Golan Heights ('Israel's water source, and "early warning defence system), and Gaza. These are only a few examples. The UN has been so consistently anti-Israel that it is a mockery to Israelis.

Now, the UN General Assembly on December 4, 1995 ruled that Israel's 1980 law claiming Jerusalem to once again be the undivided capital of Modern Israel' is illegal and therefore null and void and has no validity whatsoever" and further instructs the Secretary General to report back concerning Implementation at the next Session of the UN General Assembly.

All this, unbelievably as Israel is celebrating the 3000th anniversary of King David taking Jebus and renaming it Jerusalem and making it the capital of ancient Israel.

Ultimately these Resolutions against Israel's Jerusalem are a well orchestrated long rang plan by "the kings of the earth" (Psalm 2) to fight against God and the Return of Messiah; who will arrive on the mount of Olives in the midst of the Jewish people as prophesied by Zachariah.

Further, the UN Security Council which now authorizes military action has already formally made the same decision by Security Council resolution 478..

The implementation of these resolutions already passed will set the stage for the ungodly "nations" to war against God and Israel over Jerusalem.
(Joel 3:2, Zechariah chapters 12-14)

by Alan Lazerte


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